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Ripley Grier Studios Newsletter 25th Anniversary Edition

A Message From Patricia Ripley 


Silver Anniversary!!

   2012 is our 25th year providing rental spaces for New York's entertainment & teaching professionals. Butch & I started the business in 1987, taking over the West Side Rehearsal Studios at 131 West 72nd Street, where I had been the manager.  We hocked jewelry & got a $2000.00 loan from a local restaurant owner/friend. We opened West 72nd St. Studios on 2/1/87; with 5 studios on 3 floors.

We were broke, homeless, but ambitious. We slept on the floor in studio 4R for 2 years while we ran and cleaned the studios.  We slept on the floor in now 1R for 2 more years when we took over the 2nd floor.  We ate beans & rice, and had no social life, we had a 13 inch tv with rabbit ears as our late night entertainment. 

The business took off.  In 1990, we opened 5 studios at 939 8th Ave., the 8th Avenue Studios. In

Butch and Patricia 1988
Butch and Patricia, back when it all began...

1992 we could afford an apartment, so we turned our bedroom into a studio and moved out.   In 1999, we built and opened Ripley-Grier Studios at 520 8th Ave. It's been a wild ride since then.  We now offer a voiceover annex on the 10th floor at 520, and our executive offices & a café the 16th floor.  In February we opened two big, beautiful, new studios at 939, bringing the grand total to 54 studios in three locations.  We continue to thrive & grow thanks to our loyal & talented clients and our wonderful, professional staff & managers.


Look for more silver anniversary news & events in coming issues, and check our " friends & family" page on our website for more info about us.


Thank you, Wishing long life and prosperity to all.



Patricia Ripley

Spotlight: Dawn Hillen Ballet

Here at RG, our independent teachers have always formed the backbone of our business. They are folks we have the pleasure of seeing every day, learning their likes Dawn Hillenand dislikes, and sharing in their struggles and triumphs. We have seen many teachers blossom and grow throughout the years, and leave their marks in their chosen field as they build their reputations and careers in our studios. Dawn has been part of our regular family of techers for many years, and we're overjoyed to have her in the spotlight this month.


Dawn Hillen is a master teacher in New York City, who has been on the permanent faculty of two of the largest dance studios in the world for more than 25 years -Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center, and has been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine.  She has also had the honor of being the Director of the Professional Children and Teen Ballet Division for the Broadway Dance Center's Children and Teen Program for three years. Dawn is also a member of the faculty of Ballet Arts, one of New York's oldest and most reputable schools, for 6 years.  She is certified in the Zena Rommett Floor Barre Technique and has taught throughout the United States and in Europe. As a dancer she performed with New Jersey Ballet, Connecticut Ballet, Wilkes Barre Ballet Theater and Contemporary Ballet Theater. She has Directed and been the Stage Manager for plays Off Broadway as well as acting on film,  in television, and in the theater. As a choreographer she creates works for universities, dance companies, schools and various productions around the country... Dawn is the creator of the new sensation-POP BALLET! Most importantly she is committed to inspiring and encouraging the dancers in her classes!  Of her unique appoach to the art of teaching ballet, Dawn says "I believe in teaching dancers through love and information. It is my job as a teacher to show the students that they are capable of even more than they ever thought they could achieve. In a caring environment with people who are experts in their field and who believe in you...there is no limit to what a person can do!"

Dawn teaches Pointe 1 and Pointe 2 classes at RG 72nd street, as well as classes at other dance studios. All classes are by invitation only. Please call Dawn directly at 917-476-9898.

Cafe Oasis Catering

@520 8th avenue
catering tray sweetsThe way we see it, there are two things you need in this life: Art and Food. Here at RG, we've got you covered on both counts. Everyone knows we've got the most comfortable and classy studios around, but there are still folks out there (we hear) who don't know we also have an in-house catering service that makes the other guys look like the public school lunches we had as kids. And in their defense, how can you call food fresh when it was made 3 hours ago and then dragged across the city by a delivery guy? The solution: Cafe Oasis Catering, right here at 520 8th ave. We can cater any meal, for any size group, any time. For real. Don't trust this important part of your event to somebody you'll only talk to over the phone. Call Rose at 212-799-5433, ext223, and let us show you what RG Customer Service can do for food!

Employee of the Season!
Graham McCarty 

Graham McCartyAnother Oklahoma import, Graham fit right in when he started at RG back in '06. After his talents as a graphic designer were recognized and duly exploited, Graham helped to revolutionize the image of the company. Everything you see featuring the RG name or logo has Grahams touch, from the brochures and promotional material to the website and signage. You can see his latest work at 939 8th avenue, where he created a wall mural for our new studio 2A.  

Who will be the next Employee of the Season?

It's up to you! email us about your favorite RG staffer. The award includes a cash prize and their name on our plaque at 520, along with the satisfaction of knowing that they are all kinds of awesome.
Print out and bring in this coupon for 10% off your catering order at Cafe Oasis, up to $50.  Limit one per client.
Offer Expires: March 30th 2012