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April 2011 


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The suffering has not ended...


help japan

Ripley-Grier Studios, along with our clients and staff, urge everyone to continue supporting the Japanese people in this time of crisis. Bracelets are on sale at all RG reception desks, and some of our clients have exciting fundraiser events coming up, featured below.  

Zumba For Japan!!!


Joy Prentice

Joy Prentice Productions presents
Zumba for Japan Fundraiser Classes with Joy - All Profits will be donated to the American Red Cross
Classes are $12
Dates to Be Announced


Salsa For Japan!!!


carlos konig

Carlos Koing presents
Salsa for Japan
Saturday, April 30th from 9pm-1am
All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross
Door Admission $15





I adore April. Not only is it my birth month (you can leave presents at the front desk. I like chocolate and beer) but it is usually the month that the weather begins to break here in the frozen north, and I realize all over again how much I love this city and stop wanting to move to Miami.
April is also the month of Summer Stock auditions, Spring Break tour groups, and cruise line and theme park auditions here at RG, so after a record-breaking month in March, we're primed and ready for the rest of the Spring rush.
Stop by and check out our new digs on the 10th floor at 520 8th ave! We've expanded to 8 spaces down there, including our swanky new VO recording studio, and it's for acting and singing only, so its perfect if you're looking to be low on the hustle-bustle factor. We've also got new sound-systems going into our smaller dance studios, fresh paint, new carpets, and all kinds of other goodies to make us bright and shiny for spring. Clip the coupon down below and help us celebrate the sun with a free iced coffee from Cafe Oasis!

Operations Director
me n beck in car                          RG 10 VO Studios logo
John and Rebecca on a fine April drive...                 Spread The Word!!!
Kerensa - "First Dance" Specialist
Kerensa HarrellThe wonderful thing about New York is that no matter what you're looking for, you can find it here. Polish soda? Check. Colombian rice bread? Easy. A specialist to fix your antique Victrola? Yeah, go see Ed down on 12th street.
Kerensa has made a career for herself choreographing and training couples for that all-important "first dance" as husband and wife. Wedding couples have been coming to her with requests for wedding dance routines to songs that run the gamut from Sinatra to Strauss, from Bollywood to Bjork... you name it, she's choreographed it. Under Kerensa's expert eye, each wedding couple gets a personalized dance routine for their selected song, complete with how to make a graceful entrance onto the floor, how to hold each other properly, how to smoothly coordinate their partnering, how to add flourishes like twirls, and how to end with a finale dip. The difficulty level is tailored to the individuals' wishes, so clients can choose either to keep it simple & natural looking, or to pull out all the stops and dazzle the crowd.
Of her many years at RG, she says, "I just love the positive energy that Ripley Grier has. I can feel how they have purposefully created an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasant, but also exudes goodwill towards all. I believe I have distilled their formula as being: FS + FS= FS. Feng Shui + Friendly Staff= Feeling Splendid".
Karensa can be directly reached for lessons at 347-855-3262, or through her website or email.
Free Iced Coffee!
Stop by Cafe Oasis at 520 8th ave (16th floor) and have a free iced coffee on us! No purchase necessary, but our fresh-baked cookies and scones will feel left out if you drink coffee without them. Just sayin.
Offer Expires: May 31st, 2011