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March 2011
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Can't get enough of us?   Yeah, we know... 

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Employee of the Season, Winter 2010-11,  Daniel Tice
emp. of monthDaniel hired in at RG a couple of years ago, and quickly became one of the people we most rely on. His unfailing professionalism and wonderfully dry sense of humor has made him a favorite with clients and co-workers alike. We couldn't ask for a better fit. Thanks, Dan.


Feng Shui Consultations by Patricia Ripley
feng shui color chartOne of the keys to Ripley-Grier's success is the harmony and balance inherent in the design and layout of our spaces. This clean flow of energy is thanks to one of our founders, Patricia Ripley, a certified Master of the Chinese system of aesthetics known as Feng Shui. Patricia is now offering her services as a consultant to businesses and individuals who want to bring better balance and flow to their workspace or home. Call 212-799-5433 ext 204 for a quote.


Expert Audition Coaching 

OK, folks. I'm really excited about this...


When Ripley-Grier arrived on the scene over 20 years ago, we changed the rules about what rehearsal and audition space could be. I am happy to announce that we are about to do the same thing for voice-over studios.


Introducing RG VOICE OVER STUDIOS, a new voice-over audition and education facility on the 10th floor of our 520 8th avenue location. Two fully-equipped studios featuring 28-inch iMac terminals, Pro-Tools, Audacity, and Audio Recorder software, acoustic isolation booth, Audio-Technica 2020 condenser mics, and same-day uploads to our file-hosting service. All, this, plus Ripley-Grier's legendary comfort and customer service.


Come in for a guided tour of the new facility. Contact me directly at 212-799-5433, X 207, for booking and pricing information.    




Voice-Over Tricks and Techniques Class
By Andy Roth
Andy Roth

 "Andy Roth is probably the best coach I've ever worked with. He improves everyone."

         -Peter Scolari


So along with our shiny new recording studio comes a whole new batch of great teachers. For over a decade, Andy Roth has run auditions for CESD talent agency and many of the biggest voice-casting directors in the business. He has trained and aided hundreds of actors currently working in VO and has taught at some of the nation's top acting schools.


Andy has created a class designed to teach you the tricks and techniques that open doors and keep actors working in one of entertainment's most elusive and misunderstood branches. The class is designed to give you the basic tools to quickly and easily assess, understand, and excecute any voice-over copy in any situation.


Classes are held at Ripley-Grier on Tuesday nights. $425 for 5 sessions. The current session has filled up (Andy limits the class to 8 seats) but a new session begins in April. Call 646-319-1068 to reserve your spot!   

Patricia Ripley Functional Fitness
Get in shape for spring/summer!  Bob Audy says " this is the best class in the city"  If you need to jump start your fitness regime, or add to your workout schedule, this is the class.  No screaming teachers, no loud music no crowds (limited to 9 people), Just  a non-stop workout geared to your individual abilities. Call 212 799-LIFE (5433) ext 204, to reserve your spot. Mention "March Newsletter" and get your first class for only $5!