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Butch Grier on the love of Racing
BG stunt driver pic

Butch is RG's COO, and a former stunt car driver (Pictured above in 1974 - the mustache was a requirement, I think.) You can witness some of his past exploits here. 

Growing up in Oklahoma in the 50's and 60's you were either a Yankee fan (Mickey Mantle being a fellow Okie) or you loved stock car racing. My dad took us to the local dirt track every Saturday night to eat dust and scream over the roaring engines for our favorite drivers. So as a young man I wanted to be my hero, Fireball Roberts, one of the greatest drivers ever, not only on the track but off. Unlike most sports, when the flag drops at a NASCAR race all 43 drivers know that this race could be their last. As the years go by, I find myself looking forward more and more to the beginning of the Nascar season. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the death of another great driver:"The Intimidator",  Dale Earnhardt, who won 76 races and 7 championships. Nascar, by its nature, has endured it's share of horrific moments and dreadful days, but none more tragic  than February 18, 2001. It's been nearly 10 years since that Daytona 500, and that final-lap wreck that impacted racing then and is is still being felt today. The Intimidator's death diminished Nascar's star power, altered competitive balance on the track and shocked the sport. We miss you Dale. So as I prepare for what should be one of most exciting seasons ever (Go Mark Martin)!  

I hope some of you put down the scripts, slip off the tap shoes, let the voice rest and tune into at least one race this year. We could use the fans.




Happy Lunar New Year!
year of the rabbit

  This is the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology (specifically the Metal Rabbit Year) What does this mean for you? Well, according to the Classic Chinese Almanac: 


"There will be unstable weather patterns in the east and west.  The west coast will have a drought and the east coast will have a high water table. Where there was flooding last year there will be epidemics. The harvest will be average but the price of food will be higher.  Overall, the economy will be better but the cost of living will be higher.  This year, whenever one travels in or to the West, there will be unexpected difficulties and challenges.  It is best to travel in or to the South or North."  


At RG, we have three "Rabbits": Jerry and Natasha at the cafe, and our namesake, Jeannie Ripley-Grier. This is a very important year for them!


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February 2011

Cold enough for you?


In my native habitat of Detroit, this is the standard greeting between people from January until late March. An obviously rhetorical question, it serves to bind the populace together through shared suffering, and gives you something to discuss other than hockey. I rarely hear this question in New York, partly because there is no shortage of other things to kvetch about, but also because without the social insulation of midwestern good-will, you are more likely to get punched in the nose.


Here at RG we've been keeping toasty by keeping BUSY. Updating restrooms, cooking up new offerings at the cafe (if you haven't tried Jerry's Famous Tuna Salad, you have not yet lived a full life) and giving everything that extra spit-and-polish for the upcoming spring season. We've got a new low-cost acting space, studio 10B at RG520, going for ten bucks!  We've also rolled back our same-day rates for small groups to $14 per hour. That's an hour of rehearsal for you and your scene partner for less than the cost of lunch.


So give us a buzz. Get the service you deserve, at a price you can dig. Aw, yeah...




John Norman

Ripley Grier Studios
New York's Premier Rehearsal
and Audition Facilityme n beck in car

Teacher Spotlight:

Mark Baxter

Some people are born to sing. Mark Baxter was not one of them. Undaunted, he studied, probed, inquired, explored, practiced and applied his findings until he achieved the voice he had always wanted. His value as a vocal teacher is unique in that he draws equally from his stage experience, some 3000 gigs and counting, and an unusually diverse training. After receiving formal training in music at The College of New Jersey, Mark hit the road with various bands and got a real education.


"There's no better motivator than poverty. When you're singing for your next meal, canceling is not an option. Before training, each night I slugged it out and hoped for the best. Now I can control my voice without holding back. This transformation is what fuels my enthusiasm for teaching. While I would have preferred to have been born with a 'gift,' the struggles I went through allow me to empathize with my students. I know first hand what it's like to deal with vocal problems, and the difference lessons can make."


Mark has been with Ripley Grier for years, and has this to say about his choice of venue:

"Basically, I am a long time client at Ripley-Grier simply because they make me look good!  The staff is always friendly and professional, it's organized and extremely well run, and the location is perfect.  It wasn't until I started using rehearsal facilities in other major cities that I discovered just how different they are - clearly a cut above.  We're spoiled here!"


You can visit Mark's Website here, or contact him at 800-659-6002.

Functional Fitness by

Patricia Ripley

"Functional fitness" classes are exactly what singers, actors and dancers need for strength and stamina.  Bob Audy says " this is the best class in the city"  If you need to jump start your fitness regime, or add to your workout schedule, this is the class.  No screaming teachers, no loud music no crowds (limited to 9 people), Just  a non-stop workout geared to your individual abilities. Call 212 799-LIFE (5433) ext 204, to reserve your spot.
Free Goodies!
Buy any large hot beverage at Cafe Oasis, and get a free scone, bagel, sweet bread, or 4 mini cookies! All of our stuff is baked fresh, so certain items may not be available at all times. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Offer Expires: April 1st, 2011