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Help Jim Ku Bike to Fight AIDS
jimbikeJim Ku, an RG family member for nine years and our most prolific bike-to-worker, has signed up for BreakingTheCycle.org's Boston to New York AIDS ride. We figure the route goes that way because it would be much harder to convince people to leave NYC just to bike to Boston. At any rate, Jim needs your help to reach his $3500 goal. Donate here. Also stay tuned next month for info on our BreakingTheCycle fundraiser on September 18th. Food, music, dance,and mingling!
Yay Lorraine!!!
lo loRG 72's mange- ment diva and multi-
writer, actor, and comic Lorraine Cink has been Nominated for the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Short Script for her play "Emilia's Wish" in "The Disorder Plays".  Her play was produced this spring by The Milk Can Theatre Company (www.milkcantheatre.org) where she is an Artistic Associate and Casting Director.  She is exceedingly proud that her company received 5 nominations in total including a nomination for Outstanding Acting Ensemble.  Winners will be announced on September 20th.

The Milk Can Theatre Company is dedicated to producing and developing new plays and fresh new visions of classic plays. The Milk Can creates theatre that establishes a dialogue between audience & artists, between playwrights & directors, between an idea & its realization. They provide a home for artists to take risks, collaborate, write, direct, produce, design, and explore their potential.

Lorraine is also co-creator of the gut-bustingly funny Girls Side! vlog. Check it out...


cafe oasis

August                             2010
Hello again, everybody.

It's been an amazing summer for us at RG. We want to thank Broadway Artists Alliance in particular for keeping us hopping through what used to be quiet summer months (seems like a lifetime ago...) We've also been busy on the charity front, continuing our efforts for Haitian relief (a total of nearly $3,000 donated so far!) while teaming up with City Harvest and Breaking The Cycle (see sidebar) for local hunger relief and AIDS research.

    Remember to get back to us with nominations for Employee of the Season. We want to celebrate our commitment to customer service by recognizing our sharp, professional staff and all their efforts to make you feel at home. You can send nominations to this address.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Come see us in August. There's a coupon at the bottom of the page that'll give you an excuse!

Director of Ops
Ripley-Grier Studios

me with Jack on soulders

Ken Schatz What are You Working On?
ken schatz

A leading acting teacher and coach in New York City, KEN SCHATZ has been training professional actors for over 16 years, and has been holding sessions at Ripley-Grier since 2006.  His students and clients are working performing artists in theater, television, and film.  His mission is to equip them with the specific creative vocabulary, tools, and skills they need to do their best work.

For actors at every level of the industry - from celebrities to beginners - Ken offers comprehensive, clear, exciting professional instruction and practical technique solutions - the finest private coaching and consulting, expert project and role coaching, special workshops for casts and companies, and ongoing master classes in:

  • acting technique, scene study, text analysis
  • audition prep, monologues, cold reading
  • movement, ensemble work, improvisation
  • voice, speech, accents & dialects
  • mask performance technique
  • physical & vocal character work

  • "GREAT WORK!  Ken is a brilliant actor and acting teacher, director, dialect coach, and movement teacher... he's everything!" - Harvey Keitel

    Trammel Time with Trammel Peacock

    Ever hear of this, "reading"? I'll let you in on a little something I hear, Tis how you can't read. This occurs in every instance in which I engulf the audition room with my fiery presence after you have left it chilled to the very core with fail. The air in the room is dumbfounded at how pathetic your annunciation and pronunciation is. I chuckle inside my cheek so no one knows how laugh out loud you are; Then I laugh out loud. My future artistic employer asks, "Why you laughing Peacock?" I declare directly into their souls, "I'm awesome". They have no option but to chuckle and say, "True that". I agree with their perceptive genius, "Should I now read your worries away?" (Trademark Peacock 2010). Then words flow out of me like Pāhoehoe lava leaving the room undulated by my verb hyperbole symphony. See, the key to reading is, slow you roll, let your canals of Schlemm collect the humor and allow Iris and Pupil to translate the letters to your Retina. It's not rocket botany. This is our second homework, learn the following quoted text forwards and backwards, let it breed within you. "Stressed? No tips? Spit on desserts. Salt an atlas. Swap God for a janitor; rot in a jar of dog paws. Draw nine men inward. No, it is opposed: art sees trade's opposition. In words, alas, drown I."

    (NO JOKE)
    Buy any coffee, tea, or espresso drink at Cafe Oasis, and get two of our famous home-baked cookies free!!! Must present this coupon at the cafe counter. Limit one per client per visit.

    Offer Expires: September 1st 2010