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RG is excited to announce our partnership with, the premier network for dance.
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Celebrating our Newest Non-Smoker!
RG's stop-smoking challenge for our employees has its first success story! Graham McCarty passed the six-month mark last week and collected his $500 cash prize (along with the $2000 he saved from not buying cigarettes for all those months)! Congratulations, Graham!!!
Graham Non-Smoker 
Meet Hacner
As part of our ongoing charity and outreach efforts, Ripley-Grier is proud to announce that we are sponsoring a child through the PLAN USA program. Hacner is four years old, and he and his family live in the Namasigue area of Honduras. Ripley Grier will be making monthly donations until Hacner is 18, so that he and his community can have access to clean water, healthcare, and education. If you would like to sponsor a child like Hacner, please visit PLAN USA's website.
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Ripley Grier Studios               July 2010

For the 5th year in a row, the performing arts community has voted us New York's #1 Rehearsal Studios. It turns out that you like the same things about us that we have always tried to make the cornerstone of our business: professionalism, unparalleled customer service, spotlessly clean studios. Basically, (surprise, surprise) you like being treated like human beings.

Well, thanks a million, and we love you right back. So, if it's OK with all of you, we'll go on learning your names, greeting you with a smile, and making sure you have everything you need to Relax, Explore, and Create.

Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios
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In The Spotlight: Jeff Alani Stanfill

jeff stanfill
Jeff has been teaching voice at Ripley Grier for over 11 years and enjoys calling the studios his "second home". Jeff has maintained a busy performing career, singing on Cruise Ships with Norwegian Cruise Lines, performing in major production shows in Atlantic City, Biloxi, Miss., and elsewhere throughout the United States. as well as being the lead vocalist for the band FANTASY.
   Jeff began his teaching career 15 years ago at the insistence of fellow colleagues who noticed that he was eager to offer technical advice to singers in vocal trouble. In 1999, Jeff met the internationally renowned Voice teacher David L. Jones and began vocal lessons with him. Maestro Jones literally turned Jeff's idea of singing upside down. Within a very short time, Jeff gained significant range on both the top and bottom end of his voice. His upper register began to "fly" and Jeff could not wait to share the technical idea with his own voice students.
  Jeff teaches all types of singers from Pop to Broadway and Opera to Rock. He is currently teaching several up and coming recording artists who are recording albums for independent labels. 
  Jeff is a kind and patient teacher who believes strongly in positive reinforcement and repetition as the keys to successful voice building. He teaches healthy vocal production, based on Old School Italian/Swedish principles dating back to Enrico Caruso. The technique allows for healthy Belt/ Mix vocalization, so important in today's Musical Theater shows. 
  To learn more about Jeff and his studio at Ripley Grier, log . Jeffrey can be reached at 646-319-1180
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Trammel Time
With Trammel Peacock

TrammelMy name is Trammel Peacock, I am a successful, working actor and have been for the better part of a decade. You know me. You've seen my rugged, yet snuggle soft, amazingly chiseled anodes-like silhouette,  while you waited to lose out on the role of a lifetime because of me. I have been your audition enemy, your foe, your rival, your Gargamel, but now, your audition BFF. For I am here to give you the tips the top tier know, but want to keep a secret. Over the next few months I will be your Moses, you will be my Israel, and I shall guide you through the murky Red Sea known as "Actor." You see the truth is, acting is eighty-five percent preparation, thirteen percent determination and the finally two percent, which is often overlooked is Mathematics. Which brings me to your first homework; Find your nearest Learning Annex, sign-up for the next Algebra 101 class, and assimilate. This will ensure during your next audition, when the casting director says, "I liked the energy and the commitment, but can you do it a little more, quadratic equation-ish?", you will be fully qualified and equipped to bedazzle them. In closing I would just like to say, there is only one thing that can secure our failure to achieve our dreams, and that's if we quit.
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Save 25%
This summer, we're treating you like a Ripley Grier Team Member! Book any studio in advance, and get the employee discount of 25% off! Offer applies only to studios booked at least 24 hours in advance and cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount may be applied to bookings up to three hours long. Discount only applies to studio rental charges and cannot be used for equipment rental, cafe items, or cancellation charges. You must print out this coupon and present it at the front desk to receive the discount. Limit one coupon per customer.
Offer Expires: September 1st, 2010