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Employee of the Season

Has an RG employee saved your day lately? Is there a particular face you look forward to at one of our front desks, or a voice on the phone that makes you swoon with the joys of being handled by a great customer service provider? Help us recognize our outstanding staff by nominating your favorite for Employee of the Season. The summer season winner will be announced in September. Ask for John at RG520 or email him at john@ripleygrier.com to enter a nomination.

emp. of month
Help Us Spread Smiles
This is Angelica.
angelica before

Angelica was born with a cleft lip and palate. Children born with cleft lip and palate face  extraordinary challenges, including speech problems and difficulty eating, not to mention the social stigma that comes with facial deformations..

Unfortunately, most people in developing countries cannot afford the surgery to restore their child's face and give them the chance at a bright future.

Ripley-Grier will be donating the cost of one surgery per month to children in developing nations through the Smile Train Foundation, a charity the New York Times calls, "One of the most productive charities in the world."

 We urge you, if you are able, to donate as well, so more kids like Angelica can have a smile like this:

angelica after
Issue: #3 June 2010
cp summercyclone
As a life-long northerner, I get a serious case of the wiggles whenever I feel the weather break. I can almost smell the sunshine. Here at RG, summer means Fringe Festival rehearsals and auditions, performing arts summer camps, and a chance to take a little breath and sharpen our game before the Fall Season is upon us. So if you're not off working summer stock somewhere, stop by and grab an Organic fruit smoothie at Cafe Oasis, get a voice-lesson in, brush up on your ballet, or even take up karate. Check out our featured instructors and keep that instrument humming all summer long.

Summer is also a great time for giving (you know, Christmas in July and all that). In addition to our ongoing relief efforts for Haiti, we have our annual City Harvest Food Drive boxes out at all RG locations. Drop off some non-perishables, and help feed those in the city who are in need. Also, check out our feature on the Smile Train Foundation, a wonderful charity that helps children born with a cleft lip and palate.

And be sure to follow us all summer on Facebook and Twitter. Special deals and announcements!

me n beck in car
Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios

Cynthia Vallone Ballet
cindy vallone dance
Fear Not The Barre
Cindy has been part of our Ripley-Grier family since we had only a hand-full of studios up on 72nd street. She is a welcoming teacher for beginners and pros alike, and teaches at the 520 location 4 days a week. From her website:

"Working internally through thought and visualization, Ms. Vallone enables students to rid the body of excess tension so that alignment can flow naturally and movement can occur freely.  Steps are broken down and fully explained, so that students learn through understanding rather than from imitation.

Her technique is physically therapeutic from the prevention and healing of injuries, and it provides a solid foundation for all types of dance.

Cynthia creates an atmosphere of attention and caring that allows each student to develop strength, awareness, confidence, and grace."

And who couldn't use more of that stuff?

Cindy's Schedule and Website
Santiago Steele
Tango Instructor and Milonga Host
Originally from San Francisco, Santiago has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1997.

He has lived and studied for extensive periods in Buenos Aires, and has trained intensively with some of the top cutting-edge Tango dancers in the world, including Mariano 'Chico' Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Villarrazza, and Dana Frígoli.

He has been a first-place champion of the California Tango Competition, and as a performer has danced in several professional Tango shows including 'Swango,' renowned choreorgrapher Hector Zaraspe's 'ˇTango Tango!' with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and 'NY Tango: Piazzolla and Beyond' with the orchestra Avantango.

As an instructor, Santiago has taught group classes and hosted milongas around New York City, including the weekly dance party Practilonga-939 at Ripley-Grier's 939 8th avenue location.

His personal style combines technique and concepts from both modern and traditional styles of tango, with an emphasis on natural movement and rhythmic interpretation.

More Info on Practilonga-939
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A Summer Treat!
Make a stop at Cafe Oasis and get an organic fruit smoothie for the same price we pay! Choose from Organic strawberries, bananas, mango, raspberries, or peaches. Add a scoop of protein for a fresh, cool, quick meal!
Offer Expires: August 1st, 2010