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Could Your Closing Argument Use a Boost?

Trial was nearly over. After three weeks of long days of testimony from witnesses, experts, and a few characters of questionable backgrounds, it was time for closing arguments, each attorney's last attempt to persuade the jury to find in favor of his or her client. Weeks of preparation, analysis and planning had come down to this. The jury was tired, and not only did each attorney need to make a compelling presentation, he also had to obtain and maintain the jury's attention.


One attorney began by summarizing all the evidence in this trial. He went through it piece by piece in a strong and compelling manner. He spoke of each witness by name and highlighted the testimony they presented. He supplemented his summation with professional quality graphics, so each juror could visualize each point of his summary as he made it. This is a powerful and under-utilized, technique. Professional quality courtroom graphics can help you effectively communicate your case to the jury.


The experienced investigators at Cadfael can help you select the... 


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Help Your Case with Courtroom Graphics


We live in a visual world. We all are visual beings. Our perception of the world, the information we absorb and the signals we send are all visual in nature. We think and dream in pictures and symbolic images. Even when we read we create mental pictures of what we think is being communicated.


75% of what we know is learned visually, and the human eye is by far the most powerful information conduit to our brains.


Imagine having the following at your disposal: 


* Timelines that tell a story

* Illustrations that inform and educate  

* Organizational Charts that clarify relationships

* Conspiracy graphics that show who knew what

* Charts that provide an overview of the case

* Maps that show where the incident happened

* Diagrams that support the point you are making 


Do you think these would help you win your next case?


Cadfael Investigative Group can help you design your graphic displays. We can also suggest alternatives and prepare them for your use, which allows you to focus on other things pertinent to developing your case.


Attorney as Teacher...

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 March 2012
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Could Your Closing Argument Use a Boost?
Help Your Case with Courtroom Graphics
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