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Do You Really "Know" Your Witnesses?

Your witness is on the stand, and what he or she says is going to make or break your case. Can you afford any surprises? Could your case unravel because your witness isn't who they say they are, or have they changed or recanted their story?


A pre-trial investigation of every witness is the most reliable way to measure witness credibility.


You need to know that the credibility of your witnesses is rock-solid. You also need to know when the credibility of a witness for the opposition can be successfully challenged in court.


What can a pre-trial investigation reveal about a witness? The list may include common, financial, and hidden relationships with those involved in the case, as well as any adverse relationships, such as estrangements, disputes, or infidelity. You'll also learn of prior court actions, such as wage garnishment or a restraining order.

A witness's credibility can... Read More  


Your Witness Is No Longer Missing: The Art of Finding Witnesses


Whether for the defense or the prosecution, your case often hinges on the testimony of a witness-or perhaps a client's case has dragged on for years, and the client has moved and lost contact. When the case comes up and that witness, or that client, can't be found, you have to take action. Now.


And what if the investigator you hire comes up empty-handed? Will you have time to find another investigator and hope that this time you'll have answers?


Today, many
... Read More 


 February 2012
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Do You Really "Know" Your Witnesses?
Your Witness Is No Longer Missing: The Art of Finding Witnesses
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