Lack of Due Diligence Can Have Many Negative Effects. 

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In this edition we have written articles about how embezzlement is fraud and led to Murder and how a background investigation gone bad can affect you.


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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Embezzlement is Fraud. How Did it Lead to Murder?

Residents of this small community were stunned. "Crime, especially violent crime, does not occur here", they said. On a warm spring Saturday afternoon residents walked for exercise, Girl Scouts sold cookies, and customers formed long lines to purchase tasty treats. The police cars parked in the middle of the street looked out of place, as did the yellow crime scene tape restricting entry into one of the quaint shops. News quickly spread that two female employees of this store had been assaulted the previous evening. One of the women was dead. How could this have happened?


The surviving woman told police that two masked men entered the store the previous night shortly before closing and sexually assaulted her and killed the other woman. The entire community was saddened and shocked by the crime. One nearby business owner said, "I just think we've always felt so safe, it's something we have taken for granted. Maybe this is an eye-opener that we have to be more aware."

The owner of the business-turned crime scene said her store has 
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How a Background Investigation Gone Bad Can Affect You

Our world has changed. We need to know more about those who we hire, or those who want to do business with us. Background checks are becoming more widely accepted as more employers recognize the value of such due diligence and are willing to spend money to become more familiar with prospective employee. They want to make sure they are not hiring a thief or bringing new and bigger problems into their work place. Attorneys, too, are using background investigations as the first step in any investigation. Attorneys need to have a much better understanding of witnesses, who they are, and if they have an ulterior motive in saying what they want to testify to. They need more than what an eye witness told one person; they need the rest of the story. It helps them prepare to ask succinct questions and identify evidence and witnesses that are helpful to their case.


Conducting background investigations is a good idea, but results vary based on the skill and experience of the person conducting the investigation. Who does your background checks? Do you do it yourself? How do you handle derogatory information?

Read this illustration about a background investigation gone bad, and ask yourself, "Is this what I do? What should have been done to prevent this from happening?"
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 January 2012
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Embezzlement is Fraud. How Did it Lead to Murder?
How a Background Investigation Gone Bad Can Affect You
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Know as much as you can about those you employ; your suppliers, and your customers.  Fraud can come from any quarter.  The more knowledge you have the less chance you will be a victim of fraud. 



If you suspect fraud or are troubled by an offer, call us with the information. We can help you identify if it is a fraud. Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

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