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A Free Investigation is Worth What You Pay for It 

How difficult is it to conduct a crime scene investigation? That depends on the skill of the investigator, and probably not in the way you might think. Would you be surprised to learn that investigation is more difficult for an experienced investigator than it is for a novice? It's true. That is because an experienced investigator has the wisdom to be wary and the insight to know that there are no easy answers.

An experienced professional investigator spends more time and digs deeper than an amateur, because he has a sixth sense, acquired through experience, which helps him recognize false positives and erroneous conclusions. Too often a novice investigator will seize easy evidence and assume that is all there is, but a true professional knows when there is more to the story, and he has a good idea where to look. He has conducted hundreds of investigations over a number of years, and he has ...
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How to Find the Right Private Investigator


Sooner or later most business owners need to investigate someone or something. Some do-it-yourselfers attempt to investigate on their own, and that rarely ends well. Investigation requires specialized skills that are distinctly different than the skill sets business owners and attorneys use every day, and hiring a private investigator is the best way to ensure that the investigation is comprehensive, objective, and credible.  


No two private investigators are exactly alike in terms of insight, instinct, and personality. How can you find the best investigator for your investigation? First off, understand that sometimes you get what you pay for. The investigator who gives you the lowest rate will also give you the lowest rate of return on your investment. In the end it's not the rate that you pay that is important, it is the results that you receive.  


Cadfael offers you these five tips for finding the right investigator:  

  1. Hire an investigator before you need him to conduct a complex investigation. Have him investigate a simple matter so you can see the quality of his work and get an idea of how you relate to one another. Ask for a ... Read More 
  September 2011
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A Free Investigation is Worth What You Pay for It
How to Find the Right Private Investigator.
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Fraud Tip

Conducting an investigation is not an area for the timid, the inexperience, or ad hoc investigators. Complex investigations require the skill of an experienced professional to go beyond gathering the easy and obvious evidence. If the investigation is important to warrant additional attention it warrants the hiring of a professional. Don't skimp on quality.




If you suspect fraud or are troubled by an offer, call us with the information. We can help you identify if it is a fraud. Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

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