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In this edition we have written articles about Prospective Client Interviews and Trial Preparation: Being well prepared for court can prevent the need to go to Court.

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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Prospective Client Interviews 

The first meeting between an attorney and a prospective client has aspects of mystery, tension, apprehension and many other feelings. Neither party knows the other well, and each may have different expectations of the meeting. Feelings of uncertainty or apprehension may create awkward moments during the interview as each party tries to evaluate the other, knowing that they themselves are also being evaluated. The ultimate goal for both the attorney and the client is to begin a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Lawyers view interviews with new and potential clients as an opportunity to identify the client's problem that requires their expertise and knowledge. Here the lawyer will learn basic facts of the case which can help in defining a successful defense strategy. The client needs a solution to his problem and a resolution to a particular dilemma even if there is no actual solution. The client needs to tell his story to someone who can help him and put his anxiety at ease. Clients want to be assured that you, as the lawyer, will represent them in the best possible light.

In the course of assisting attorneys representing their clients I commonly hear two complaints:

1. My client was a terrible witness.


2. Right in the middle of the hearing, my client referred to evidence that I never knew existed.

I don't believe that any client is intentionally...  Read More

Trial Preparation: Being well prepared for court can prevent the need to go to Court


Sounds contradictory, yet it is true. When you meet a new client he is in a time of crisis and needs your help to extricate him from his dilemma. Time is of the essence. There is much to do. You need to lay the ground work for a cohesive and comprehensive defense strategy that is difficult to overcome. Partnering with a professional investigator can help you achieve that goal.

Some defense lawyers take a wait and see approach before investigating and working on a case. Some cases are not filed until months after the act was reported and the police work was completed. Too often this results in lost evidence, missing witnesses and less accurate memories of what happened. Our criminal defense strategy team believes there is no time to waste. We believe that the most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following the incident or arrest in order to get a head start towards defeating the charges that may be filed in the future. We want to gather all available evidence and interview all potential witnesses before memories diminish, evidence is... Read More

  July 2011
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Prospective Client Interviews
Trial Preparation: Being well prepared for court can prevent the need to go to Court
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Being ready for trial can avoid being surprised or embarrassed in court. Get all the facts, know your client and have a professional investigator on your defense team.


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