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In this edition we have written articles about how Many Times People Are Presumed Guilty by Law Enforcement and How Having a Great Defense Team Wins More Cases.

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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Presumed Guilty 
The commission of a heinous crime violates the umbrella of public safety and makes people fearful. The horrific photographs in the newspaper, the reports on the television, and the spreading of rumors inflame our worse fears. Some crimes are so awful, we shudder. Who could have done such a terrible thing? Who is capable of this brutality and murder? We want revenge. We want the guilty caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. People look to law enforcement to find the guilty parties and restore our sense of security. The police begin their investigation with a missing persons report. Search teams are formed and sent out. Blood hounds are enlisted to follow the scent. Interviews are conducted with those who saw the missing persons last. Traffic stops are made, neighborhood interviews are done... but the missing person is not found. Parents and relatives second guess themselves and their decisions. I should have told them to come straight home. They would have been safe now. Home with me, they say.

There is mounting pressure on the police to solve this crime and to do it quickly; their reputation is on the line. They respond... 
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Don't Go It Alone!


One of the first things I learned working "undercover" was "Don't Go It Alone." Many of us want to work independently to prove that we can do it by ourselves or to avoid the aggravation of trying to persuading others to see the benefits of our strategy and tactics. Working together invites conflict around logistics, coordination, and reduced profit. But have you thought about the advantages a skilled professional can offer your defense?

Representing a client accused of a crime is a huge responsibility. He or she is facing the potential loss of freedom, loss of their civil rights, and loss of personal assets; each is a serious matter, and it is important that the client be afforded the best defense possible. This now requires a full defense...

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March 2011
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Presumed Guilty
Don't Go It Alone!
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