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Thomas M. Rucke, President
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Poor Security May Lead to Personal Tragedy 

After graduating from college Sandy worked a second job as a night receptionist to repay her school loans. On Wednesday morning, August 9, 2004 Sandy's co-workers found her car in the company parking lot, but Sandy was gone. Doors to the business were locked, indicating that Sandy had locked up when she left. Her purse was near her locked car and contained her identification, money, and credit cards, but there was no trace of Sandy anywhere. Her co-workers reported her missing.

Your employees are your most valuable business asset. Are you doing everything you can to protect them?

The police had few leads in the investigation of Sandy's disappearance. By analyzing the crime scene they ultimately uncovered a spot from where someone evidently watched Sandy for a significant period of time. The suspect learned everything he needed to know about Sandy, her routines and schedule. Sandy's body was later found in a shallow grave in a park close to the edge of town. Her appearance had been altered. In the course of their investigation police confirmed that Sandy had been kidnapped as she left work Tuesday night August 8, 2004. She was then taken to an unknown location where she was held against her will, tortured and murdered.

Nothing undermines our way of life more than the taking of it. What toll would such a thing take on your business and reputation? How safe would your employees and customers feel knowing that a murderer had made it on to the property and kidnapped someone from the premises? How can you measure the cost of peace of mind, confidence, and morale?

After a shocking death or other capitol offenses such as rape, sexual assault, armed robbery people usually ask what could have been done to avoid or prevent such events. Don't wait for tragedy to strike. Let Cadfael conduct a professional security survey. We can identify your current and potential security risks and offer suggestions for ways to enhance safety in your business.  
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Demonstrate Your Leadership by Hiring an Investigator 

When a business owner encounters a challenge he or she may aggressively confront it themselves. They say, "Why do we need an investigator? It is an extra cost. Let's do it ourselves. What could go wrong?" In truth, there is much that may go wrong.

Investigations are complex undertakings that require the combination of skills and training that only a professional investigator can offer. An improperly conducted "Do it Yourself" investigation exposes your business to potentially enormous legal liability. Consider Mr. G., a business owner who suspected one of his employees of internal theft. Mr. G. had no evidence, only his suspicions, yet he chose to confront the employee himself. The employee denied any wrongdoing and proceeded to sue Mr. G. for damages. The ordeal cost Mr. G. huge sums of money in legal fees in addition to what he had already lost through fraud. Mr. G. hired a professional investigator to review the case after the fact, and the investigator found evidence that indeed, the employee had been committing fraud. Sadly, it was too late for Mr. G. If Mr. G. had worked with a professional investigator from the start, the investigator would have been able to arm Mr. G. with the factual evidence he needed to obtain a confession from the employee and/or succeed in court.

Keys to a Successful Investigation

Many business owners assume that removal of a problem employee solves the problem. But that is only true if...

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February 2011
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Poor Security May Lead to Personal Tragedy
Demonstrate Your Leadership by Hiring an Investigator.
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Fraud Tip

In Part 1, we learned that fraudsters send solicitation letters by the thousands to lure potential victims to respond to their offer; an offer that is too good to be true. They are like spiders who cast their webs then wait for a fly to come by. Once the fly lands on the web he cannot escape. Fraudsters are very good at what they do and delight to have someone respond to their false promises. Those who just want to see what the offer is about are in peril. Those who try to confront fraudsters will be quickly over matched and find themselves victims of this scheme.


If you suspect fraud or are troubled by an offer, call us with the information. We can help you identify if it is a fraud. Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

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"Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure."     

- Sophocles

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