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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

A Valuable Asset for the Criminal Defense Attorney

Many criminal defense cases would benefit from the specialized skills of a professional investigator. Criminal defense attorneys who partner with a professional investigator find that the investigator quickly becomes one of the most valuable members of the defense team. A good investigator supplements the skills and training of the attorneys on the team with the ability to find additional evidence or to discredit some of the supposed facts on which the prosecution is based.

Professional investigators bring unique collateral skills to the defense team. These skills often complement the skills possessed by the defense attorney, making the defense team more effective and efficient. By relying on the investigator toanalyze the investigation conducted by law enforcement the defense attorney has more time to prepare their case. It allows defense attorneys to do what they do best.

Professional investigators have the knowledge, skills, experience, education and training to scrupulously examine the case compiled by law enforcement that supports the charges filed by the prosecuting attorney. Professional investigators havethe experience and training to scrutinize a police report to identify errors and omissions, as well as identify what was done well and what was done poorly. It is fairly common for a skilled investigator to uncover inconsistencies or unusual information in reports; that discovery often leads to information and evidence favorable to the defense.

An experienced investigator will...

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Managing Your Witnesses

Witness Management Chances are you have pondered, "What am I going to do if my witness does not come to trial?", or "I hope the witness answers questions the way he answered them in our trial preparation." You know that a witness can make or break your case. How can you manage a witness more effectively? Begin by teaming up with a qualified private investigator.

Identify Your Witness

A good private investigator will use your analysis of the crime reports to identify and locate other witnesses to the event under consideration. He or she will also know how to comb the police or incident reports for useable details of witness testimony as well as identify additional potential witnesses. A skilled investigator can help you learn as much as possible about your witness above and beyond what testimony your witness is going to give.

Interview the Witness

Effective interviewing requires specialized skills. Experienced private investigators know that interviewing is much more than simply asking questions; it involves...

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January 2011
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A Valuable Asset for the Criminal Defense Attorney
Managing Your Witnesses
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