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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Criminal Defense: Pretrial Planning and Preparation

Success as a criminal defense attorney requires an enormous commitment of time and effort to gather and verify the facts of a case.  It is nice to be blessed with cleverness or to have a trick or two up your sleeve, but it is better to be well prepared, and that requires a time-consuming and painstaking analysis of the facts.

Most cases are disposed of without going to trial.  Many cases end with a guilty plea.  So why spend time getting your case ready for trial if it is going to result in a guilty plea?  Because you can't be certain which cases will go to trial and which will end with a plea until you have conducted discovery, completed a factual investigation, and researched the penal and procedural law. 

The test of a profession is the love of the drudgery it involves ... Read more...

How to Analyze a Police Report

Police reports are formal documents that provide the details of a criminal event or activity.  These documents include the location, date and time of the occurrence, as well as the details of the event and the names of any individuals involved in the matter. Eyewitness observations may also be included in the report.  Moreover, if witness information is included in the report, the witnesses' name, telephone number, address and possibly their physical description is included in the report. 

Those charged with the duty of defending the accused are also protecting the rights of all citizens as contained in our constitution.  It is important not to take anything at face value, including a set of facts provided by the prosecution. Instead, ... Read more...

October 2010
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Criminal Defense:...Pretrial Planning and Preparation
How to Analyze a Police Report
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