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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Workplace Investigation

As a business owner or someone who has clients that own businesses, you need to take employee complaints seriously, and commit appropriate action and attention to issues as they arise. The way you respond to such issues can make a significant difference as to whether or not you increase or diminish respect for your organization.  Here are ten things business owners must do when conducting a workplace investigation:

1.  Insist on conducting an investigation.

An employee who brings a serious complaint to management has likely wrestled with the decision to notify management.  Management has a responsibility to take appropriate action to investigate the employee's complaint.   Employers who fail to do so can be found ... Read more...

The Changing World of Crime

Fraud is White Collar Crime.  Until recently fraud was prosecuted criminally, but the punishments for those found guilty were relatively minor.  For example, an armed robber who at the point of a gun received $8,456.00 is sentenced to 25 years in prison, while a fraud scammer who bilked 88 million dollars from a large number of investors received six months at Duluth.  Why the difference? 

In the early twentieth century bank robbery and robberies of other institutions was more common than today.  To commit armed robbery all one had to do was get a gun and remember a few words, "give me all your money".  Gangs of bank robbers were led by Jesse James, John Dillinger, and other notorious "gunslingers."  Innocent people were often killed during the robberies, and our society was in an uproar. However, the robbers circumvented local law enforcement by committing crimes in one State or County and living in another.  In time the laws were changed to ... Read more...

September 2010
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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Workplace Investigation
The Changing World of Crime
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