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Interviews and Interrogations: The Essence of the Art of Investigations, Part II

This is the conclusion of an article written and published in June, 2010.  Our purpose was, and still is, to inform our readers that there is much more to conducting successful interviews than simply asking questions.  Too often, interviews and interrogations are conducted by untrained and inexperienced individuals who ultimately fail in their attempt to obtain the information necessary to conclude an investigation.  More important, improperly conducted interviews and interrogations result in perpetrators avoiding accountability for  misdeeds and wrongs and  being free to strike again Worst of all the perpetrator's ego is inflated as he feels he has outwitted his accusers.

In the previous piece we stated that the probability of conducting a successful interview, i.e. obtaining an admission, is greatly increased by having ... Read more...

Mounting a Vigorous Defense

United States laws are enacted by Congress and enforced by various law enforcement organizations.  Those who enforce our laws do so to protect people from those who would prey on other members of our society. However, just because someone is indicted or arrested it does not mean that person is guilty of the offense.

Our legal system guarantees the rights of those accused of criminal wrongdoing and prevents an innocent person from being prosecuted. The assumption is to be made that one is innocent until proven guilty. The government must prove that the accused person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Our system is a much more demanding burden than most other governments have place on themselves. 

Mr. William Blackstone is credited with saying ...

August 2010
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Interviews and Interrogations: The Essence of the Art of Investigations, Part II
Mounting a Vigorous Defense
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