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Prepare and Protect: The Importance of Threat Management and Investigation

Interpersonal conflict is inevitable when people spend a lot of time in close proximity to one another. What starts as good-natured kidding can quickly deteriorate into hurt feelings, name calling, physical intimidation, and even violence. Conflict between employees can be especially dangerous because work-related stress, ego, peer pressure, and fatigue are like kindling feeding the flames of confrontation. If not quickly diffused by proper and effective threat management techniques, a few minutes in the office can have devastating consequences for employees, their families, and your bottom line.

Workplace violence is now recognized as a significant occupational hazard.  Employees who are plagued by alcohol and drug abuse, financial crises, gambling loss, bad investments, credit card debt, job stress, and mental illness are increasingly acting out at work in the form of harassment, intimidation, threats, theft, stalking, assault, arson, sabotage, bombing, suicide and homicide.

Even one violent incident in the workplace can ... Read more...

Strategies to Maintain a Positive Work Environment

Fraud, violence in the work place, drug use, theft, and sexual harassment quickly damage employee morale and can cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Organizations of every size and purpose rely on professional workplace investigations to help them promote and maintain a positive work environment.  When a dangerous or illegal situation develops, you need an experienced investigator to confirm relevant facts and determine exactly what occurred. With the facts assembled, employers and legal counsel are then able to proceed with administrative action that will decrease liability, improve morale, increase profits, and create a safer workplace, which leads to increased productivity and profitability.

A workplace investigation comprises much more than conducting a series of employee interviews.  It is often necessary to ... Read more...

July 2010
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Prepare and Protect:...The Importance of Threat Management and Investigation.
Strategies to Maintain a Positive Work Environment
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