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It is always right to detect a fraud...a man of business should always have his eyes open, but most often have them shut!
- Philip Stanhope
Fraud comes in innumerable permutations. Do a google search for 'fraud' and you'll get over 100-million hits. From telephone hoaxes to Nigerian email, identity theft to pyramid schemes, hustlers are bent on bilking whatever they can from whomever they can get it.

Fraud directed toward business is big business. And in big business, such covert theft routinely goes undetected, often for years. The uncovered losses aggregate slowly but steadily, often accruing to billions of dollars before being found out.

Occupational fraud -- where an organization's resources are misused for personal gain -- is even more costly to the small business owner. Though the dollar amounts are less staggering with median loss reportedly at about $175,000 per, the resource lost in proportion to net income can be far more devastating. And savvy fraud operators are now more than ever before targeting business.

According to


How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Fraud Scheme

Fraud: It cost U.S. businesses, organizations and citizens nearly a TRILLION dollars last year! And it is not just the dollars bilked by scam artists that deplete the economic bottom-line. The time and energy devoted to detecting, confronting and eradicating fraudulent schemes comes with its own exorbitant price.

Lost productivity. Countless (unbillable) hours spent doing damage control. Not to mention the absolute costs of grief and aggravation that comes with having been victimized, and cleaning up a perpetrated mess.

Yet there are effective ways to safeguard against fraud. Proactive protective procedures can Read more...

March 2010
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Uncover and Eradicate Threats to Your Business
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Fraud Tip

Know who you are dealing with.  Before you hire a new employee find a competent professional investigator to conduct a background check.  Not all background investigations are the same. Spend some time and invest in a quality background check that will provide you with accurate information in which you can make sound decisions to minimize future losses.  It will be the best investment you ever made.  Winston Churchill once said, the more we look back, the further into the future we can see.

If you suspect fraud or are troubled by an offer, call us with the information. We can help you identify if it is a fraud. Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

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In fraud, things are not as they appear.  Many fall victim to the illusion.  It takes the intelligence of a few to perceive what has been carefully hidden.  
- Thomas M. Rucke

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