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 Millimeter Wave Components and
Integrated MIC/MMIC Hybrid Assemblies to 40GHz
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     HP-26D5G-40G-292FF     DTA-100M40G-30-CD-1



PMI offers a full line of Millimeter Wave Components and Integrated Hybrid MIC/MMIC assemblies that operate to frequencies of 40GHz.  While we offer many standard models (as shown below), including solid-state switches,

variable attenuators, limiters, phase shifters, threshold detectors, and filters we also offer many other products

custom designed or modified to meet the specific needs and requirements.  If what you need is not listed below please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.  You may call us at 301-662-5019 or email us at [email protected]


Click on the model numbers below for additional informaton on that product.


Millimeter Wave Amplifiers:
Model NumberFrequency Range
Gain (dB)Gain Flatness (±dB)Noise Figure (dB)OP1dB (dBm)VSWRDC Current @ +12 to +15VDCHousing
PEC-42-1G40G-20-12-292MM1.0 - 40.0422.55.5222.5:1500-
PE2-12-30M40G-5R5-18-12-SFF0.03 - 40.0122.755.5182.0:1230PE2
PE2-12-20R040R0-5R5-18-12-SFF20.0 - 40.0122.05.5182.0:1250PE2
PE2-28-20R040R0-5R5-18-12-SFF20.0 - 40.0282.55.5182.0:1500PE2
Millimeter Wave Attenuators:
Model NumberFrequency Range
Insertion Loss (dB)Attenuation Range (dB)LSB (dB)ControlOperating Input PowerDC Voltage & Current 
DTA-100M40G-30-CD-10.1 - 40.08.03015-Bit TTL+20dBm CW+15VDC/40mA 
DTA-18G40G-30-CD-118.0 - 40.06.0300.0610-Bit TTL+10dBm CW+15VDC/100mA 
DTA-18G40G-30-CD-218.0 - 40.06.0300.0610-Bit TTL+10dBm CW+15VDC/100mA 
DTA-26R5G40G-30-CD-126.5 - 40.06.0300.0310-Bit TTL+10dBm CW+15VDC/50mA




Millimeter Wave Threshold Detectors:

Model NumberFrequency Range
Input Power Range (dBm)Threshold (Adjustable / Fixed)Maximum Input Power (dBm, CW)Detected Output TypeResponse TimeConnector TypeSize
TD-20-16G40G-20-292FF16.0 - 40.0-20 to 0Adjustable+10TTL100nsec2.92mm-F1.0 x 0.62 x 0.22
Millimeter Wave Filters:
Model NumberPassband (GHz)3dB Cut-Off (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)VSWRRejectionSize  
HP10G-9D7G-CD-SS10.0 - @ 7GHz0.65 x 0.65 x 0.5  
HP20G-19D5-CD-SS18.0 - @ 14.5GHz0.614 x 0.614 x 0.5  
HP20G-19D5G-CD-292FF20.0 - 40.020 @ 1dB1.52.0:1-54 @ 14.5GHz0.614 x 0.614 x 0.56  
HP26S5G-40G-CD-292FF26.5 - 40.026.5 @ 1dB2.02.0:1-54 @ 20GHz0.65 x 0.65 x 0.5  
Millimeter Wave Limiters:
Model NumberFrequency Range
Insertion Loss (dB)VSWRMaximum Input Power (W, CW)Leakage Power (dBm)Recovery TimeSize 
LM-35D5G-14-20W-292FF24.5 - x 0.5 x 0.22 
LM-26G40G-20W-292FF26.5 - x 0.5 x 0.22 
Millimeter Wave Phase Shifters:
Model NumberFrequency Range
Contol BitsMax. Phase Shift (Degrees)Step Size LSB (Degrees)Insertion Loss (dB)Switching Speed (nsec)Size 
PS-360-2832-5-292FF28.0 - 32.05348.7511.2512.05001.29 x 1.75 x 0.5 
PS-360-3237-5-292FF32.0 - 37.05348.7511.258.05001.29 x 1.75 x 0.5 
Millimeter Wave Switches:
Model NumberFrequency Range
Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)Reflective / AbsorptiveSwitching Speed (nsec)Operating Input PowerDC Voltages & Current 
P1T-18G40G-90-1515-292FF18.0 - 40.05.090Absorptive25+23dBm±15VDC 
P2T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF0.5 - 40.06.060Absorptive50+20dBm+5VDC/200mA
P2T-18G40G-65-R-292FF18.0 - 40.04.555Reflective100+20dBm+5VDC/75mA
P3T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF0.5 - 40.06.060Absorptive50+20dBm+5VDC/200mA
P4T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF0.5 - 40.08.060Absorptive50+20dBm+5VDC/250mA
P8T-500M40G-50-T-55-SFF0.5 - 40.010.050Absorptive50+20dBm+5VDC/70mA




DC to 40GHz Components, Modules, and Systems

PMI offers just about any RF/Microwave component, module, or system for both commercial and military based requirements.  Please click on the product types below to be directed to our web site catalog.  Components and modules can be modified to meet your exact requirement. (Click on links below to be directed to the web listings)

   AMP                       Threshold Det                   SFB
  Low Noise Amplifiers                       Threshold Detectors               Filters & Switch Filter Banks
Diode Detector                   DTA                 DTO PHOTO

       Diode Detectors                             Digital Attenuators                   Digitally Tuned Oscillator



 Frequency Discriminator             IQ Modulator                       In-Line Filters
   Frequency Discriminators                 I/Q Vector Modulators                              Limiters 

SwitchAssembly                Phase Shifters           PD 2-WAY
Multifunction Integrated Assemblies            Phase Shifters                  Power Dividers/Combiners 

Quad Hybrid             SDLVA CONNECTORIZED           RFDU
  Quadrature Couplers                                SDLVA's                                     Switch Matrices 
ERDLVA-218-CW-LPD                      PIMQRC                      QFN

    DLVA / ERDLVA                              Receiver Front Ends                     SMT and QFN Packaging



 1U chassis              p3t              Switched Amp SP5T 

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"NEW" Products offered by PMI:  High Quality - Custom Tailored Solutions  
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO's) 
  • Frequency Sources (Synthesizers & Phase Locked Loops)
  • Solid State RF Attenuators
  • Frequency Multipliers 
  • 90 and 180 Degree Hybrids
  • Single Side-Band Modulators and Image Rejection Mixers
  • Down Converter Modules
  • Test Loop Translators
  • Phase Detectors
  • Phase Comparators  
  • Clock Generators
  • Couplers


Product Selection Guide (Searchable Database of "Catalog" items)




This file contains a complete listing of PMI standard products including Amplifiers, Filters, Switch Filter Banks, Switch Products, Limiters, Phase Shifters, SDLVA's, Threshold Detectors, Couplers, Power Dividers, and many others.  The search by product type & specification feature allows quick location of the device you need.  Direct web links are included which allow easy web site viewing which contains specification listings, data, and test reports.


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