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Welcome to the SCV Better Health e-news update aimed at informing our community about the hospital's expansion progress and achievements as we grow to serve you better.

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Roadway and Sidewalk Construction Update


Road and sidewalk work at the intersection of Avenida Navarre and McBean Parkway began on February 7, and when finalized will include infrastructure improvements and the construction of accessible sidewalk ramps to create a more pedestrian friendly intersection.


Beginning February 28, the Avenida Navarre entrance into and out of the hospital will be closed for two weeks to allow for reconstruction of infrastructure.  All services will remain accessible during construction and alternative entrances/exits have been identified.  Click here to view a larger version of alternate routes. 


A minimum amount of night work will also be performed to alleviate traffic congestion along McBean Parkway.  Beginning February 28, night work will occur, as necessary, from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  The night work will not create significant noise concerns for adjacent residents.  Additional lighting at the work site will be minimal and focused solely on the project to reduce any potential disturbance to our neighbors. All night work will be completed on or before March 11.


Please note: any lane closure that is necessary to facilitate construction will occur only during non rush-hour traffic times in order to mitigate traffic concerns for residents and hospital visitors.  The overall duration of the road and sidewalk work is anticipated to take no longer than five weeks.

Helipad and Parking Structure Update


The construction of the new parking structure and life-saving helipad is on time and nearing completion.  Construction is anticipated to be complete in late April at which point customary inspections will occur prior to the official opening.

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New Parking Structure Nears Completion


The new structure will provide 750 parking spaces on the hospital campus and bring much welcomed parking relief for patients, visitors and staff.


The new rooftop helipad will be a vital addition to Henry Mayo's trauma center as it will help save lives when seconds can mean the difference between life and death, health and disability.


The helipad will also allow Henry Mayo to retain its designation as the only trauma center in the Santa Clarita Valley and will provide residents with the peace of mind that immediate emergency transport is available if a critical situation arises.

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Andie Bogdan

Director Planning, Marketing & Public Relations