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Protecting Precious Resources...One Tree at a Time

As part of the overall landscaping plan for the new parking structure and helipad, Henry Mayo will be relocating five very large (120" box) Sycamore trees from their current location on the hospital campus parking lot to the front of the new parking structure along McBean Parkway, thereby giving new life to these precious resources.

 syc tree

The prep work to relocate the trees will begin on Saturday morning, February 5th at which time one-lane southbound on McBean Parkway adjacent to the parking structure will be closed to bring in heavy equipment.  Beginning that same day at 8:30 pm, another southbound lane on McBean will be closed to allow for the actual relocation of the trees.


Residents will awake on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 6th, to find the beautiful Sycamore trees already relocated along McBean Parkway.  This is the first phase of the landscaping plan for the new parking structure that will include the addition of over 600 shrubs and plants and 50 new Crape Myrtle, Sycamore and Pine trees.

Improvements Support Final Stages of Parking Structure Construction


Road and sidewalk work at the intersection of Avenida Navarre and McBean Parkway will begin in early February 2011, to improve pedestrian access to the hospital campus.  The work will include infrastructure improvements and the construction of ADA compliant accessible sidewalk ramps all to create a more pedestrian friendly intersection to benefit residents.


road work aheadThe overall duration of work at the intersection is anticipated to take no longer than five weeks and will begin on February 7, 2011.  In an effort to mitigate traffic concerns for residents and hospital visitors, any lane closure that is necessary to facilitate construction will occur only during non rush-hour traffic times. 


Beginning February 28th for two weeks, the Avenida Navarre entrance into the hospital will be closed to allow for reconstruction of critical infrastructure.  Alternative entrances/exits will be available and all services will remain accessible during construction.  Specific information on the alternative entrance and exit routes will be provided in our next e-newsletter in mid February. 


A minimum amount of night work will be performed to mitigate traffic congestion along the McBean corridor.  Night work will occur, as necessary, beginning February 28 through March 11 from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and will not create significant noise concerns for adjacent residents.  Additional lighting at the work site will be minimal and focused solely on the project to reduce any potential disturbance to our neighbors.

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Andie Bogdan

Director Planning, Marketing & Public Relations