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Welcome to the SCV Better Health e-news update aimed at informing our community about the hospital's expansion progress and achievements as we grow to serve you better.
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Parking Structure on the Rise...


Henry Mayo's new parking structure is well on its way to becoming a reality.   Scheduled to open in spring of next year, the construction of the new structure is coming together as the concrete floors are being poured and more walls are going up each day.PS1 10-25


The new multi-level parking structure will significantly ease parking on the hospital campus and will be surrounded by an abundance of landscaping, including the addition of over 600 shrubs and plants and 50 new Crape Myrtle, Sycamore and Pine trees.


In addition to more parking, the new structure will also accommodate a helipad atop its roof which will allow the hospital to provide immediate access to hospital facilities for those facing life-threatening injuries or illnesses.  It will also allow Henry Mayo to retain its designation as the only trauma center serving the Santa Clarita Valley.


Henry Mayo Goes "E" & "Green" 


While most of our expansion updates have focused on "brick and mortar" developments, there is one new development at Henry Mayo while not being built out of bricks, is as important as any new building or structure.


Advanced Clinical Systems (ACS) recently adopted in Henry Mayo'smarisa
Emergency Department
will use state-of-the art secure computerized technology to create an electronic health record for all Henry Mayo patients.  This will allow physicians and staff to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork.


The new system will allow physicians and staff to directly document information and medical staff orders into highly secure electronic health record for quick access and review, making patent visits more efficient, safe and secure.


ACS will not only reduce paperwork creating a greener environmental footprint, it will also provide physicians and nurses with instant access to your secure vital health information in real time as they manage your care.


The ACS system will be phased in throughout Henry Mayo in the coming year with full integration anticipated in mid 2011.

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Andie Bogdan
Director of Planning, Marketing & Public Relations