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Welcome to the June 2010 SCV Better Health e-newsletter aimed at informing our community on the hospital's expansion progress and achievements as we grow to serve you better! 
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Parking Structure & Helipad Update
 construction parking
Construction is well underway for Henry Mayo's new parking structure and life-saving helipad.  Grading of the site is nearing completion and the contractor is preparing to pour the foundation.  The new structure, which is scheduled for completion in 2011, will be beautifully landscaped and include the addition of 50 Crape Myrtle, Sycamore and Pine trees along with over 600 shrubs and plants - not to mention the 750 parking spaces and new helipad.
Henry Mayo is working hard to balance the community's need for expanded medical services with the quality of life our Valley enjoys.   Pathways for pedestrians, landscaping, appropriate use of color and an architectural design that is consistent with the local community aesthetic has been integrated throughout our expansion planning.
Emergency Department Expansion Completed
Henry Mayo's New Emergency Department
Recently, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital celebrated another significant accomplishment; the official opening of its expanded, state-of-the-art Emergency Department.
This milestone marks the end of a five-year expansion project that not only doubled the size of the emergency department, but also improved the level and efficiency of service to our community.
The new Emergency Department includes additional exam rooms, cardiac-monitored beds, nursing stations, an ambulance entrance, patient and family waiting room and a children's play area.  The new exam rooms have changed from traditional open rooms with curtains, to treatment rooms with glass doors that enhance patient privacy but still allow staff the ability to visually monitor patients.
The hospital's first emergency department was built in 1975 to serve 5,000 visitors, was expanded in 1985 to serve 18,000 and currently cares for approximately 50,000 patients each year.  With the addition of treatment areas and a radiology suite dedicated to emergency patients, the new 36-bed facility can accommodate an astounding 65,000 visitors per year. 
The emergency department also serves as a base station for Los Angeles County paramedics, handling more than 8,000 calls annually.  Serving our community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the emergency department is the front door to our trauma center and a critical community asset.
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Andie Bogdan
Director of Planning, Marketing & Public Relations