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E-Newsletter         March 2012
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Fairfax School Bike Spine Project
Sculptures for Go Green Challenge
Team Leader Lunch
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Bike Locally looking for Parent/Child Novices
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Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program.


green ways to school


Fairfax School Bike Spine Moves Forward


John Reed Iwalk
Fairfax Councilmember John Reed on International Walk to School Day

In October 2011, the Transportation Authority of Marin granted the Town of Fairfax $110,000 to install signage and street markings for identified bicycle routes to schools. The street markings will include colored thermo-plastic markings for maximum visibility. The overall goal is to improve the safety key Town streets for student bicyclists and to increase the awareness of motorists who share the road with them.

The grant was the brainchild of a group of interested community members, including Mayor Larry Bragman, Council Member John Reed, and active community members Renee Goddard and Eileen Brown. John Reed and Renee Goddard are longstanding members of the Safe Route to Schools Committee in Fairfax. 

To learn more about the project please visit the Town's website:


 Whimsical Sculptures for Go Green Contest 


bike part sculptures 

Fanciful sculptures made from bicycle  parts have all found a good home as we prepare for the Go Green Spring Challenge. These people sculptures were fashioned by students and scouts under the tutelage of Safe Routes instructor Lou Goodwin. Each one is unique with its own personality and style. The sculptures will be the trophies awarded the winning classroom in each school that garners the highest percentage of green trips during the four month period from mid March to spring break. So far 26 elementary schools have signed up for the contest. See pictures on our Facebook page.


Team Leader Valentine's Luncheon
Team Leader meeting 2012
More than 30 volunteers gathered at the San Rafael Community Center on February 15th for the annual Valentine's Team Leader Luncheon. It's our way of showing our love for our hard working Team Leaders who run the contests and events that makes Marin Safe Routes to Schools so successful. Delectable sandwiches were provided by Sol Foods and complemented with salads and chocolate hearts. The Team Leaders planned for the first national Bike to School Day and were able to pick up their supplies for the Go Green Spring Challenge including their sculptures. More pictures on Facebook.

Key Amendment Approved for National Transportation Bill


National Partnership logo

Two very different transportation bills are making their way through both houses of Congress. The Senate Bill, MAP-21, retains funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements in general, and Safe Routes to Schools in particular.


On March 2, the Cardin-Cochran amendment was included in the Senate transportation bill. This amendment will ensure that local governments, school systems, and metropolitan planning organizations are able to access much-needed funds to make routes to school and routes throughout communities safe for bicycling and walking.


With a March 31 deadline looming for shutdown of all transportation programs without a new bill, a bill needs to be approved quickly in both houses. The bill in the House, HR7, has been abandoned and a new bill that more closely resembles the Senate bill is being developed. Read on for more details and next steps.


 Bike Locally Challenge 2012 Call for Entries 


 moms and kids

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition will launch its third Bike Locally Challenge on Monday, March 12, with a Call for Entries to apply for one of seven bikes to encourage novice bicyclists to commit to riding a bike to work, school, and for local errands from May through October. 



This year they have two new categories, including a Parent/Child team and a Family/Business Cargo Bike Challenge.   


Watch for next week's Call for Entries for MCBCs 2012 Bike Locally Challenge at