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E-Newsletter         February 2012
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Team Leader Lunch
Mill Valley Passes SR2S Policy
School Report Cards
Brookside Urges Caution
San Anselmo Meeting
San Anselmo Public Works will hold a public hearing on Tuesday February 7 to discuss upcoming Safe Routes to Schools projects  For more information
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Teens Go Green

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Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program.


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Team Leader Valentine's Luncheon
The annual Team Leader Valentine's Luncheon will take place on Thursday, February 16 from 11:30 to 1 pm at the San Rafael Community Center, 618 B Street in San Rafael.  We will update Team Leaders on new programs for SR2S and distribute supplies for the spring contest.  This is a great opportunity for Team Leaders to network with their peers and share ideas.

Mill Valley School District Passes SR2S Policy

Strawberry Students on International Walk to School Day
Strawberry Point School Students on International Walk to School Day
The Mill Valley School District adopted a new policy codifying the existing Safe Routes to Schools program in Mill Valley schools at its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.


The policy, which is broken into board and administrative policies, will ensure that Safe Routes to Schools activities will be recognized as district policy regardless of staff and parent turnover. This includes identifying school site volunteers and teams, participation in the Mill Valley Safe Routes to Schools Task Force, and continuing the traffic safety classes at the schools. 


Board Member Raoul Wertz wrote the policy in cooperation with councilmember and SRTS Task Force chair Stephanie Moulton-Peters and staff from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to Schools program.


To view the policies go to the Mill Valley page on our web site.


School Report Cards


BrooksideIndividual Schools to Receive Yearly Feedback


Safe Routes to Schools is introducing a new recognition method by supplying each school with their own Report Card to help them track their progress for the year. The Report Card will include survey results and allow each school to track their own progress from the beginning of the year and since joining the program. Those schools that achieve at least 55% green trips will earn the designation as a Green School. Those that supply bus service will have a higher bar to achieve that designation. Higher results will provide schools with a higher designation.


Total Green Trips        Regular        Schools w/Bus Service

Green School               55%                   65%

Forest Green               60%                    70%

Deep Green                 70%                    80%

Emerald Green              80%                   90%


The Report Card will also include the participation level of the school in Safe Routes to Schools programs. This will allow the school to see how they can improve their standing. Click to view The Report Card template.


Caution Urged at Brookside School after Child was "Doored" 


Two students at Brookside School had minor injuries after abrookside sign

driver opened a car door in a nearby bike lane just as they were passing.  While the two students were lucky to have escaped with only bumps and bruises, the parents at Brookside School want to ensure that this doesn't happen again.  In addition to reinforcing the practices of avoiding being "doored" a parent designed a sign that now circulating at the school to caution parents to look before they open their door.