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TAM Releases 10-Year Report
Bike Buying Guide
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Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program.


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TAM Releases 10-Year Evaluation Report

Kentifle students on W2SD


The Evaluation Report comes as SR2S celebrates its ten-year anniversary in Marin County, making it an opportune time to look back at the evolution of the program. The results of the report show that SR2S continues to make a significant impact across the county, reducing car trips to and from schools and making a safer environment for all:

  • In 2000, there were nine schools participating in Safe Routes to Schools; today, there are 52 schools, representing over 23,500 students.
  • Since the program began, there has been an eight percent mode shift countywide from single-student car trips to walking, bicycling, riding public transit, and carpooling to/from schools.
  • Twenty-one schools have exceeded the countywide average since joining SR2S. Old Mill and Tam Valley elementary schools in Mill Valley and Bacich Elementary in Kentfield, for example, have increased the number of green trips to/from their school by over 20 percent.
  • According to the most recent parent survey, over 25 percent of families changed their travel mode because of SR2S.
  • Launched in 2009, the Green Ways to School Campaign proved to be a success through the Spring 2011. During this time, there was an overall four percent increase in green trips to school, but schools participating in the Green Ways to School Programs demonstrated an even higher increase of six percent.
  • Over 100 Safe Routes to Schools infrastructure projects totaling more than $17 million have been constructed or are currently under design.
  • Nearly 2,000 familes have enrolled in SchoolPool Marin or taken the Green Ways to School pledge, representing 71 schools across the county.
  • Street Smarts Marin was pilot-tested in 2008 in three communities. The program has now been expanded into nine out of 11 jurisdictions in the county.
  • Marin's Crossing Guard program currently deploys trained school crossing guards at over 75 locations throughout the county. 


 The report can be viewed on the Safe Routes web site 


Bike Buying Guide


 white hill bike lanes

Does your child want a new bike for the holidays?  Just like clothes, kids will outgrow their bicycles. Most bike shops can help you size a bike for your child. Before going to buy a bike, think about how your child uses their bike. This will determine what kind of frame and tire you will be looking for. Bicycles that don't fit can cause pain in the joints and make it more difficult for your child to handle his/her bike safely.


This Bike Buying Guide

will help you in choosing the right bike to fit the needs of your child.


Reflectors Help Children to Stay Safe


In the dark winter months it is especially important to make sure your child is visible.  Here is a film created by Safe Kids that demonstrates the importance of using reflectors.