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E-Newsletter         November 2011
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Davidson Bike Club
Wade Thomas Sidewalk Dedication
Kent Field Trip
Volunteers Needed
Federal Update
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Teens Go Green

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Happy Thanksgiving

We are thankful when children can find a safe route to school


Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportatin Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program.


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Students Earn and Learn Bikes

earn a bike
Students learn Bike Mechanics at Trips for Kids


The Davidson Bike Club is a new after-school activity offered weekly to all students at Davidson Middle School. The program is made possible by Safe Routes to Schools, a grant from Kaiser Permanente, Trips For Kids, and the PE staff at Davidson.


Thirty students rode in the first trip through the Cal Park Hill Tunnel. Students will learn bike riding skills, bike mechanics and leadership skills. Thanks to the earn-a-bike program, any member can ride into summer on their own wheels by the end of the year. For more information visit



Sidewalk Dedication At Wade Thomas


 Wade Thomas Sidewalk Dedication

Wade Thomas held a sidewalk dedication to celebrate the first new sidewalks since the school was built 114 years ago. Many dignitaries attended the ribbon cutting ceremony organized by Team Leader Ted Fehlhaber, including Kay Coleman and Jeff Kroots, SA Town Council.  Annelise Bauer, WTPA President and Trustee Ross Valley School District.  Peter Breen, past SA Town Council.  Sean Condry, SA Public Works Director.  Rachael Calvert, SA Public Works, Helen Badger current co-team leader, Brian Costello, past Team Leader, principal Nancy Wasserman and the school green team.


Kentfield Students Explore by Bike


Kentifle students on W2SD50 Kent Middle School 5th and 6th graders embarked on a cycling field trip to enjoy ice cream and games in San Anselmo's Creek Park. Prior to the field trip, students first attended our Bike Skills class to learn the rules of the road with an interactive PowerPoint presentation, and improve their cycling competency with practice drills. The instructional five mile route led by a team of six Instructors, introduced students to multi-path use etiquette and reinforced straight cycling on narrow and busy streets while maintaining a safe three-foot distance from parked cars. Thanks extended to the Kentfield police who escorted us on their bikes.


Volunteers Needed for School-aged Group Rides


Drake bike ride 

Do you love kids and love to bike? Safe Routes to Schools needs volunteers who can assist with group rides throughout the school year. You need to be a proficient bicyclist who obeys the rules of the road and understands why it's important. Must be responsible and reliable. Bike mechanic skills a plus.

Contact [email protected] if you're interested. Pass this along if you know of anyone who might be interested.



Senate Transportation Bill Moves Forward


National Partnership logoThe U.S. Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee passed its proposal for the next Federal transportation program out of the Committee on November 9. The proposed legislation makes significant changes to the core funding programs for bicycling and walking activities.   Many bicycle and pedestrian organizations are working hard to ensure that funding for programs like Safe Routes to Schools remain part of the Federal Transportation program. To find out more go to Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership.