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E-Newsletter         September 2011

International Walk to School Day  

October 5th 
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Green Way to School Winners
Kentfield's New Neighborhood Program
New Infrastructure Built
Iwalk Webinar
Free Kidpower Workshop
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Welcome Back to School!

Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program!


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Green Ways to Schools Champions

Edna Walkers
Edna Maguire Walkers

Congratulations to our 2011 Green Ways to Schools Winners:

Green Ways to School and SchoolPool Awards 1st Place:

Edna Maguire School, Mill Valley


Green Ways to School 2nd Place: Rancho School, Novato

Program Achievement Award:

Bacich School, Kentfield


SchoolPool Award 2nd Place:

Park School, Mill Valley


The Green Ways to School Campaign showed tremendous success last school year. Overall, there was a 4% increase in green trips to school and a 6% increase for the 2-year period for the schools that participated in the Green Ways to School Programs. Even more significant was the number of schools in the program that demonstrated an even higher rate of increase than the average for all schools ranging from 5% to 13%.  For more information click here.


Kentfield Schools Neighborhood Program



Kentfield School District is introducing a new program to encourage its parents to choose a Green Way to School. By adding neighborhood organizers to the mix, Kentfield Schools hope to create long lasting SchoolPool networks for their parents that can last throughout the school year and beyond. Volunteers created neighborhood maps and recruited neighborhood captains.  Assistant Principal William Cameron took the lead.  Find out more at the SR2S Kentield web page or the Bacich web site.

Sidewalks and Crosswalks

 Wade Thomas Sidewalks

Students at Wade Thomas and Tam Valley Schools had an easier time getting to school thanks to new infrastructure projects.  At Shoreline Schools, a new crosswalk was installed over the summer at Gibson and Flamego; the third crosswalk to go on Shoreline.  Click here for more info.

At Wade Thomas new sidwalks were installed at the school.  Public Works Director Sean Condry finished the project on time and under budget so was able to fix sidewalks at various locations along the routes to school.  Click here for more info.

Webinar for International Walk to School Day


 TARP logo 

The California Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC), a program of California Active Communities within the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), invites you to participate in a webinar on September 8th from 10-11 am, which will highlight key resources from the California Walk to School Headquarters website to assist with Walk to School event planning.  To register go to California Walk to School.


Special Kidpower Workshop in Larkspur


A special two-hour Kidpower Workshop will be held on Thursday, September 22 at 9 am in Larkspur.  At this workshop parents and caregivers will learn how to teach "People Safety" skills in everyday life situations familiar to children. People Safety skills help prevent problems with peers, family, and strangers.  Advance registration required.


The workshop will be lead by Tasmin Pesso, a certified Kidpower instructor and Safe Routes team leader.  Tasmin is offering this workshop for free as a training opportunity.  For information and to sign up please contact Tasmin Pesso  or call 945-0634.  Learn more about Kidpower.


The Green Ways to School and SchoolPool Marin programs from TAM's Safe Routes to Schools are supported by additional funding from a $175,000 grant from the Marin Community Foundation's Climate Change Initiative and through a partnership with the Marin County Office of Education.