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April 2011 Vol.3 

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Thank you for signing up for SchoolPool Marin on the website. We can all make a difference by reducing vehicle trips, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions by walking, biking, carpooling or taking the bus to and from school and our other kids' other activities. 
Read on for updates to the program. 
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Check out the Latest: has been enhanced this year.  New features include:

         After-School Trip Sharing:  find travel companions to sports, rehearsals, classes, after-school care, camps...any kids activities!

         Parents' Commute Option:  request a carpool or bus buddy match list to your work and your child's school gets credit in the Green Ways to School Challenge. School staff can join, too!


         Green Ways to School Pledge:  if you don't need a SchoolPool match at this time, take the Pledge to walk, bike, carpool or use transit whenever possible and your school gets credit in the Challenge.


          Jamba Juice Cards:  Register for a SchoolPool match list -- the first 500 registrants receive a $5 JJ card.

Spread the Word

Marin Families Fight Climate Change with SchoolPool got off to a great start in 2010 thanks to "early adopters" like you. You can help spread the word about the program and the new features to help increase the numbers of SchoolPools being formed in Marin! Here's how:


Please forward the SchoolPool article for distribution by all organizations you and your family belong to: homeowners', civic, social, environmental, sports, parent, school, local government or where you work.  Simply copy and paste a note like this or one of your own:  

"Our family is registered at SchoolPool Marin to increase our "green trips" to and from school. We would like to help spread the word about this valuable, free service from that connects parents to walk, bike, carpool or use transit together to travel to school and other activities.

Please post the article from this link in our newsletter, on the website or forward it out over the group e-mail list. And please place the link on our website. For questions or assistance e-mail:

(Your Name)

Join the Green Ways to School Challenge
The Challenge is back this year and it's not too late to help. Your school can win one of several awards ranging from $1500-$500 for the most increase in "green trips" and the most registrations on For more information click here Green Ways to School Challenge  

Send Us Your Stories


Have you started taking more "green trips" to school as a result of SchoolPool Marin or the Green Ways to School programs? Please send us your story to  and we will send you two Peet's Beverage cards as a thank you. Your stories inspire others and we will print some of them on our website (anonymously if you wish).


Support for the Green Ways to School campaign and the SchoolPool Marin TripShare program is provided by a generous grant from the Marin Community Foundation as part of their Climate Change Initiative, funding from the Transportation Authority of Marin, and in partnership with the Marin County Office of Education.

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