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E-Newsletter         October 2010
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SchoolPool Early Bird Challenge
40 Schools for Iwalk
Teens Go Green 10-10 Event
Donate Your Bikes
Women on Wheels
KidPower Workshop
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Women on Wheels
New classes starting October 9
Riding with Youth
Two more classes in October

Here are some exciting highlights and updates from the Transportation Authority of Marin's Safe Routes to School program!


green ways to school

SchoolPool Early Bird Challenge!
Only two weeks left!  SchoolPool Marin is offering a $500 cash prize (donated by Kaiser Permanente) to the school with the highest number of SchoolPool trip-matching registrations entered by October 15, 2010 (tallied as a percentage of total student population).  If you are already registered for SchoolPool, this will count towards your school's total.  If you registered for the Green Ways to School Challenge last year, we urge you to re-register for a SchoolPool matchlist now.
Even if you are already traveling to and from school via a "green" mode, get to know others  in your neighborhood by walking, bicycling or carpooling together. And you could win a $5 Jamba Juice card!  
Register now at
Marin Students Will Join Millions Throughout the World

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This October 6th, students from 40 schools throughout Marin will put their best foot forward and join friends -- and millions of students worldwide -- by choosing a green way to school.  Colorful fans will be given away at school welcome tables to students who walk, bike, carpool or take the bus on October 6th.  Special thanks to Clif Kid for donating Clif Kid Twisted Fruit, Zbars, lip balms and bike reflectors.  Many towns are planning police and fire truck escorts on the morning of October 6.  If you want your school to participate or need supplies contact 
Laura at Safe Routes to Schools. 
Teens Go Green Community Service Bike Ride
Teen Bike Ride 
Safe Routes to Schools will participate in 10-10-10, an international work party spearheaded by to do something proactive on October 10th to improve the environment (see for more information).  Teens Go Green will be partnering with The Bicycle Works, a community tool workshop in San Anselmo, to offer a Sustainability Bike Tour and Community Service Ride.  The cycling loop will begin at The Bicycle Works (1117 San Anselmo Ave. in San Anselmo)  and take a tour of local groups committed to sustainable living.  The tour will stop at Deer Park Children's Center to help beautify their garden and grounds and include a picnic (please bring a bag lunch). 
Students can gain community service hours for the entire event.  All interested students must bring a signed release form if under 18 (attached).  To register and obtain more information, please contact Shannon at Safe Routes to Schools.  The tour will begin at 11:00 and should be over by 2:30.
Donate Your Bikes on 10-10-10
Do you have a bike that you've outgrown or bike parts you don't need anymore?  On October 10th, fire stations around Marin will be open to receive unwanted bicycles and parts as part of a 10-10-10 day international initiative.  All donations will be delivered to San Quentin Prison where inmates will create good-as-new bicycles.  The bikes will be added to the by Safe Routes to School fleet for their education programs and will also be given to families who otherwise couldn't afford them.  For more information contact

Frances at Safe Routes to Schools.
Classes for Women, and Parents and Their Children
women on wheels 
Do you want to ride with your children but don't feel confident enough?  Learn how to ride confidently and effectively with the second offering of Women on Wheels.  Classes for beginners and intermediate riders begin on October 9th.  For more information go to Women on Wheels 
You can also take the Riding with Youth Class to learn to bike with your child.  Riding with Youth, sponsored by WalkBikeMarin, offers parents the opportunity to learn how to bicycle safely with your child.  This family activity will teach both you and your child basic rules of the road with an opportunity to practice together
two classes left this fall:
  - Sat Oct 2, 9:30am - 12pm, Tam Valley
  - Sat Oct 16, 9:30am - 12pm, Novato Youth Center 
Register here 
Kidpower in Larkspur
On October 16, children and their parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to practice Kidpower "People Safety" skills for supporting safe, positive experiences with people -- strangers, family members, friends, and other people they know. Participants will practice skills for being and acting aware, taking charge, and getting help. Each step of the way, adults will be coached in how to practice these skills with their children in an age-appropriate, upbeat way.
For more information go to the City of Larkspur
The Green Ways to School and SchoolPool Marin programs from TAM's Safe Routes to Schools are supported by additional funding from a $175,000 grant from the Marin Community Foundation's Climate Change Initiative and through a partnership with the Marin County Office of Education.