April 25, 2011

No-Fault Reform Hearing

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This Wednesday, the House Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee will hear the no-fault insurance reform bill that was passed by the Senate Commerce Committee last week.  The bill, House File 1395, is sponsored by the Insurance Federation of Minnesota and endorsed by the MIIAB.  Passage by this committee is the last stop for this bill before it can reach the House floor.  This will be a key hearing for the bill.

House File 1395 addresses the skyrocketing costs of Minnesota's no-fault medical system due to the inability to contain health provider costs.  In Minnesota, health care providers get paid whatever they charge without any of the cost-containment or managed care that currently exists under our health insurance and workers' compensation system.  Some providers, primarily chiropractors, have been abusing the PIP system.   Many Minnesotans are paying for unnecessary and excessive treatment which increases everyone's insurance premiums.

House File 1395 would stop skyrocketing costs by bringing chiropractor treatments and reimbursements under the same restrictions that apply to our workers' compensation system.  This means that chiropractors will not be able to charge whatever they like and would have to live within a fee schedule established by the state.   This alone would go a long way to stopping some of the abuse of our PIP system in the state. 

If your State Representative is a member of the House Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee, please contact them by phone or email.   Click here for list of members

Ask them to vote yes on House File 1395 when it comes up for vote in committee.    Thank you.
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