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                        January 5, 2010


$1,000,000.00 in 2009 Donations to InsurPac...MIIAB Reaches It's State Goals!

Please see the following memo from Minnesota InsurPac Chairman Larry Brustad:


It is with great excitement and sincere appreciation to each of you that I convey this message: InsurPac has eclipsed the one million dollar mark in 2009!  It has truly been a team effort to achieve this remarkable level and goal. Nearly every state has stepped up big by hitting their goal and, in many cases blowing way past it!

It took InsurPac over two decades to achieve its first goal of becoming a one million dollar PAC per election cycle (2 year) by doing so in 2004.  I'm proud to tell you that it has taken only 5 years to achieve one million dollars in a calendar year (and hopefully $2 million for the election cycle).  While receipts have recently declined for several other financial services PACs, InsurPac has seen consistent growth.  That message is being heard loud and clear throughout the halls of the U.S. Congress.  It affirms the power, perseverance and importance of the independent agent.


Your strong support and dedication to this million dollar mark will greatly assist your federal lobbying efforts in the months and years to come.


As the Minnesota PAC Chairman, I would like to thank those MIIAB members who supported the fundraising activities over the last year so National and Minnesota could reach its goals. Below are the individuals who contributed to InsurPac this year from Minnesota. I also would like to specially thank the Young Agents Committee for their fundraising efforts this year.


Richard Ahmann III, Carole Aljadah, Kyle Anderson, Fritz Banfield, Paul Berg, Dawn Bijou Janes, Chad Bjugan, Marvin Bjugan, Peter Bolz, Larry Brustad, Daniel Butler, Glenn Carlson, John Christenson, Matthew Clysdale, Kenneth Cobb, Eric Connett, Thomas Corneil, Margaret Corradi, Michael Dam, Richard Davies, Jack Diesing, Michael Donohoe, Cormac Dunning, Ted Dyste, Mary Eberley, Thomas Effertz, Merlin Essig, John Glieden, William Goeman, Channing Handberg Sr, Travis Hansen, Karen Hawkinson, Robert Hendrickson, Frank Herrmann, Michael Hoppe, David Hoschette, Andy Jacobson, Michael Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Jeffrey Karll, John Keller, Patrick Kelly, Kerry Knakmuhs, Cynthia Kopic, Jay Larson, Royanne Larson,, Myron Larson, Jamie Larson, Julie Lenarz, Mark Lenz, Alan Lepley, Niklas Ludwig, James Manke, Mary McClure, Richard McKenny, Scott Michaletz, Steven Micke, Mark Moores, Robert Murphy, Bernard Neff, Ross Nesbit, Walter Ohl, Susan Paskoff, Owen Peterson, Denny Phenow, J. Ted Plombon, Joe Podolinsky, James Poppie, Vance Prigge, Daniel Riley, Darlene Rodger, Earl Roed, H. Butch Rogers, John Rooney, Darlene Roue, Kathi Schlieff, Michelle Schneider, Charles Sewich, Bruce Sogn, Aaron Sorenson, James Stein, James Strande, Norman Strehlow, Steve Swanson, David Szczepanski, Philip Thompson, Hal Tiffany Jr, Jayson Tritt, Gary Van Baak, Theresa Voxland, Larry Ward, Jay Weir, Shawn Wensel, Jim Wensel, Scott Wilson, Beth Winters, Scott Wojtysiak, Val Wojtysiak, Robert Wunderlich

Thank you for all that you've done, and continue to do for InsurPac and the Independent Agency system!
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