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December 2011  

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Dear Friends,

Another holiday season is upon us, and I am once again filled with thoughts of Peace on Earth; so much so that it is the focus of my main newsletter article this month.

Contrary to what you might think, the concept of Peace on Earth entails more than one might think, and an examination of its many aspects will be the focus of my December blog posts.

And speaking of which...

Beginning this month, I am trying something new. I'll be producing video introductions to my blogs.  You'll find the first one at the end of this newsletter.

The video is only about 2 minutes long, so I hope you'll watch -- and enjoy -- it.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful holiday, full of love, joy and, yes, peace!






As most of us enter into a month of holidays where joy and happiness is displayed in many forms, one of the phrases we will see a lot is "Peace on Earth."


Although one might think this pertains to the Biblical phrases in the Bible, I think we all have wished for Peace on Earth, regardless our Faith, now or at some time in our lives.


While there are certainly many disturbing things that are happening on our planet, there are many of us who, while acknowledging those disturbing things, would rather focus on the positive things, which are plentiful.


But none of that is the Peace on Earth I am talking about.


Our world has both the beauty of life and, at times, the very disturbing moments we all cringe at. This is our world; the world of duality. There is positive and negative. Our world of duality has been this way for a long time and will continue this way long after we (and many other generations) are gone. Both the eastern and western scriptures tell us that while on this plane (i.e., the material world), there will always be joy and unhappiness, pleasure and pain, abundance and lack thereof. This plane is not meant to be the end all, be all.


Many scriptures tell us we are here to work through those very things, and when we can experience them without them overshadowing us...without them devouring us...when we can be of this world but not overshadowed by this world...we will find peace. Peace Within. That is our journey while on this plane; the journey of separating reality from the drama, what is real and what is temporary. And where does all of that start? It starts with us.


Yes, the Peace on Earth I speak of starts and really ends with us. How can a planet, nation or person bring about something they themselves do not have? Some might disagree, but please hear me out and follow the weekly blogs that accompany this newsletter for the month of December before commenting. I will enjoy hearing all comments, but please first hear all that I have to say on this matter, because I am not making any of this up. It has all been said before by Saints and Sages of all traditions.


Anything of this world is temporary and cannot bring the Peace I speak of. Yes, we are happy when we get things in life and there is nothing wrong in expressing our joy about the presents we shall receive this month and throughout life, but not one of those things will bring us the lasting Peace that is real.


The Heaven on Earth, the Promised Land, the Nirvana I speak of, is the Kingdom of Heaven within us.


As a dear brother of mine often says, "It's nice to enjoy the toys, but please don't forget the Toymaker!" The One through whom all is possible.


So enjoy the holidays if you celebrate them. But let's all take a moment and say a prayer for all of those who we know are not able to celebrate the holidays because of their commitments and duty. Also, let's all hold a place in our hearts for those we love who might not be in the best of places. Let's have a moment of silence, holding them close to our hearts, asking Our Divine Mother/Heavenly Father/Creator of all that Is, to guide and protect them.


Be sure to visit the  Ah-Man Blog as I continue this discussion during the month of December.





Michael Introduces His December Blogs

Click on the image above to view Michael's video. Because it takes a minute or so to load, it might seem "frozen," but please be patient and it will play.

And I promise that as I do them with more regularity, the production values will get better!

After viewing the short clip, I hope you'll visit the Ah-Man Blog to hear the rest of the story. 

Return to Wholeness    


Following is an excerpt from a recent review of the new book Returning to WHOLENESS...Discovering Ah-Man:


Returning to Wholeness by Michael Hoare is a powerful well-written book about the author's personal transformation from trauma into healing and growth. Key elements in the author's spiritually-based approach are forgiveness, letting go, self acceptance, self love and developing trust. This short book has many pearls of wisdom as well as exercises to help readers in their own healing.

I would recommend this book for open-minded people who have experienced trauma (either large or small) and who are ready and willing to move forward in their lives. 
~Janet Catalina, LCSW

Michael Hoare, D.D., is a minister and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in healing his own life and helping others heal theirs. He is the author of the upcoming book "Returning to WHOLENESS...Discovering Ah-Man."
For more information, or to learn more about Michael and Ah-Man, visit his web site at and his blog at