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Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you who have made comments and shared feedback about my newsletters and blog posts. And a special thank you to those of you who have come to my recent talks and half-day retreats. I trust you received all that you were meant to receive.


There are additional opportunities to attend my Imprinting Retreats over the next few months, as described below, and I hope to see some of you there!

Although some areas of the country are dealing with significant weather challenges, spring has sprung in most of the Northeast and there are signs of spring in other areas.

I think all can agree that spring brings us all the feeling a new life, a new beginning, a new start if...we able to slow down enough to witness it. Those are the feelings that inspired the topic for this month's main article: Honoring Life.

I hope that you are as inspired by the topic as I am. 



As I slow down and observe the budding of new flowers and the unfolding of the trees' tender leaves, and listen to the streams that have new life because of all the rain, and watch the animals emerge to forge for new food, I can't help but think how each one of those things creates life.


In April we observe Earth Day, and in May we honor our Mothers. Both of those events celebrate entities that have helped create life. In June, when most of the northern hemisphere is enjoying the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, we become active in ways to help maintain those new creations. Thus, we honor our Fathers, the traditional maintainers.  I know in today's world things are somewhat different but, in general, we have that which creates, and that which maintains and we honor them in our own way.


In addition to the days we have designated to honor those who have created and maintained life for us, we have other reminders.


In scriptures, there are "laws" or, as some call them, "commandments." In the East, we have Yama (Restraint) Niyama (Observances) which are the Vedic Commandments.  In the West, we have the Ten Commandments. 


The Commandments are guidelines for humans and when we honor them we live in harmony. They are spiritual laws. In both the East and the West, the spiritual laws call for us humans to honor that which gives us life.


Honoring life means respecting life. Look around you and see all that brings us life: your Mother and your family, nature, all the life in nature, the plants, animals, water, and the very air you breathe.


What about your own body, which is the temple that houses your soul; and your mind, which helps molds your thoughts that give life. When you slow down and behold the very things that create life, doesn't it make you wonder about their Source, the Universe, and the Creator?


Earth Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day...we can honor and celebrate the gifts of life every day. Life is everything... the beginning and the end. And the best, truest honor we can offer is that which comes from our heart, our soul, the core of our Being.


During the month of May in the Ah-Man Blog, I will share my thoughts on honoring that which brings life. It would be wonderful to hear you thoughts as well.


Peace and Love always,



Imprinting is an ancient form of instilling certain "Truths" into the core of our being...our Heart/Soul. By doing so, we help heal ourselves on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, thus bringing us to deeper levels of Trust, Forgiveness, and Acceptance, which in turn enable us to live richer, fuller, more peaceful lives. 


I am excited that those of you in the New York area will have an opportunity to learn more about Imprinting first hand over the next few months. 


Following are the details:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

10:00am to 1:00pm

"Healing Through Imprinting" Half-Day Retreat

Wainwright House

260 Stuyvesant Avenue

Rye, NY 10580

Fee: $40 per person


To register, visit or call Wainwright House at 914-967-6080. 


In August, I'll be offering another Imprinting Retreat at Joshuas's Place. Here are the details:


Saturday, August 27, 2011

10:00am to 1:00pm

"Healing Through Imprinting" Half-Day Retreat

Joshua's Place

30 Sanford Place

Southampton, NY 11968

Fee: $45 per person


To register, contact Joshua's Place at 631-287-4100.

Michael Hoare, D.D., is a minister and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in healing his own life and helping others heal theirs. He is the author of the upcoming book "Returning to WHOLENESS...Discovering Ah-Man."
For more information, or to learn more about Michael and Ah-Man, visit his web site at and his blog at