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Dear Friends,

I trust that the holidays of December were ones of joy and comfort for you. That coming together with the friends and family warmed your heart and reminded you of our true treasures, those very things we cannot touch or see, but just feel and experience.

May you find everything you are truly looking for in this upcoming New Year. Most of us understand that while it's nice to have our "comforts," our lasting happiness comes from within. 

This month, I invite you to join me at the Ah-Man Blog as I explore the four key questions that must be answered in order to have a truly satisfying and rewarding spiritual journey in life.

The discussion begins in the article below.


For most of us, the new year brings a sense of fresh beginnings and new starts; a desire to improve ourselves and to help others.

This sense of enhancing what we already have, creating more and helping others comes from within. It is an innate yearning to complete ourselves... to become more whole.

For some of us, that instinctive feeling will have us making annual resolutions to do more, or do less, or change in some way;  to exercise more, change diets, change careers, move from one place to another, change partners, change schools, stop drinking so much, stop smoking, and the list goes on.

This will look completely different to some of us, depending where we are at in our spiritual journey. Generally it can be broken down into five parts.

1.  For some of us, it will be looking to gain more power or prestige.

2.  Others will look to create more in their life, e.g., bring a new partner into their life, a bigger home, a better job, etc.

3.  Some will make more time for helpings others in life; supporting causes, maybe even changing their jobs to a non-profit or helping out with volunteer work in their spare time.

4.  Still others will begin the journey within, looking for more internal fulfillment, rather than the external activities.

5. Then there are those few who are actually able to merge with the Consciousness of Source seeing all that is...Is Source. 

There is no doubt that if you do estimable acts, you will feel better about yourself. We need to take care of ourselves, set an example for our kids, and do the right thing.

While the first three items on the list can help (and maybe they are just another step along your path) they all are basically dealing with the external part of us...the physical.

The external piece is only temporary. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a wonderful thing. As I mentioned, it does help us feel good.  But eventually, for some of us, we will need something else to make us feel whole...connected spiritually...connected to what the human eyes can not see, nor comprehend with our human intelligence.

Our journey to completeness, to feeling whole and good about ourselves, is an inside job.
At this point of the journey, many of us begin to learn that while those external things are nice, what we need to improve is another part of our lives; the internal. I'm not talking about the organs in our bodies; I'm speaking of our spirits, the core of our being.

So while at times we may (or may not) have been able to complete our new year's resolutions, what we most likely found was that the sense of completeness and feeling good was temporary, which, in itself, brought us to this place of wanting more, something that lasts much longer then the external activities.

What I have found for others, as well as myself, is that each of us has our own unique journey. The tools we all use may be the same, but they will produce an experience that is unique for each of us. It may be similar to what others experience, but it will be our own. One of the sayings that reverberates over and over for me is "It's an inside job."

This inherent feeling of wanting more is the very essence of our being.  It helps us continue moving down the path on our journey of discovering who we are (beyond the outside designations of male or female, black or white, accountant, physical education teacher, etc.), why are we here (i.e., what is our life purpose?), where are going (once we have done all that we are meant to do here on Earth) and how do we get there (what are we to do to prepare us for that journey)?

During the month of January, I invite you all to follow me on the Ah-Man Blog as I discuss those four critical questions one asks on their spiritual journey through life: Who am I?  Why am I here? Where am I going? And perhaps the most important question of all: How do I get there?

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After fielding many inquiries about when I planned to update my book I AM Ah-Man, published in 2008, I am excited to announced that I finally decided to take mouse in hand and start working on a new edition, including a new title, Returning to WHOLENESS...Discovering Ah-Man.

For those who are not familiar with the book, it is designed to be a compass to direct the reader to a fuller, happier, more engaged life.  The book includes guidelines that show you how to identify your self-destructive patterns and offers practical exercises for reconnecting, rerouting, and rewiring your behaviors into more positive ways of living.

The fundamental elements of trust, forgiveness, and acceptance can help anyone become whole, and Returning to WHOLENESS...Discovering Ah-Man can guide you to the life you always dreamed of living.

We anticipate a publication date in early 2011.

Michael Hoare, D.D., is an author, minister and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, who has a wealth of experience and expertise in healing his own life and helping others heal theirs.
For more information, or to learn more about Michael and Ah-Man, visit his web site at and his blog at