Vol. 4, No. 1                                                agedefy.com  January, 2012
Dr. Arlene Noodleman
Graduates From  
Integrative Medicine Fellowship!
 Dr. Arlene Noodleman & Dr. Weil
On December 11th, 2011, Medical Director Dr. Arlene Noodleman graduated from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Created by Andrew Weil M.D., the Fellowship has achieved international recognition as the leading integrative medical education program in the world. Dr. Noodleman participated in the Fellowship's two-year, 1,000 hour program and will utilize the specialized training she received to create a new Division at Age Defy: Silicon Valley Optimal Health™. Its practitioners' relationship-centered approach emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention. Both conventional and evidence-based alternative therapies will be utilized to promote the body's inherent healing response. Watch for more details in future e-newsletters!

Spotlight on Treatment

The Cool Way  

To Look Hot in 2012!

Age Defy offers a new solution to get rid of "stubborn fat" and have the body contour you desire: CoolSculpting®, the latest FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that freezes fat.
CoolSculpting Before & After
On average, you'll see a 20%-25% reduction of fat in the treated area after one visit. You can lose even more with additional treatments. What does that mean? Simply put, your clothes fit better. You look better. The fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body over the following few months, leaving you feeling more like yourself again. It's totally non-invasive, and there's usually no downtime. How cool is that?!?


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CoolSculpting Consultation Today!


Mark Your Calendar 

New Year's Seminar 1/2012

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Complimentary Leg Vein

Screening Clinic 

Wednesday, January 11th 

VNUS Golfer

Stop hiding your legs! Winter is the ideal time to get rid of unsightly, bothersome and even painful leg veins. Find out if youare a candidate for sclerotherapy or the VNUS leg vein closure procedure at our Leg Vein Screening Clinic. This complimentary screening appointment will help determine which option is best for you.  

By Appointment Only.  

Call Today To Schedule Your Screening Visit*! 

*If you are a candidate for the VNUS procedure and need
a diagnostic ultrasound test, Age Defy will bill
participating insurance plans.



NAWBO logo  

Health & Wellness Fair  

Tuesday, January 17th

5:00 - 8:00 pm

at Age Defy Dermatology & Wellness  



Start the New Year off right and attend NAWBO's* interactive and dynamic Health & Wellness Fair! Designed to help you feel fabulous now and throughout the year, this energizing event will give you a great kick-start. Enjoy perusing a multitude of vendors with products and services that will help you look and feel great in as you begin a new year! There will be food, drinks and lots of prize giveaways.



     5:00 pm     Registration & Networking

     5:30-6:30   Health & Wellness Fair

     6:30-8:00   Presentations by four Bay Area experts


  • Sleep & Wellbeing by Dr. Arlene Noodleman,
    Integrative Medicine Physician
  • Movement & Fitness by Patty Purpur, Director of The Stanford Health Promotion Network
  • Nutrition & Eating Habits by Dr. Sooji Rugh, Medical Director of GreenLite Medicine
  • Self Image & Wellness by Robin Nielsen, Certified Nutritional Consultant
Vendors & Services (parrtial list):
  • Aromatherapy 
  • HeartMath 
  • Acupuncture
  • Weight loss
  • Skin Care
  • Stillheart Institute
  • Chocolateer 

Event Fee: $60 for non-members

$50 for members 

Note: This is NOT an Age Defy event.

All registration must be done through  

NAWBO by clicking here.  




Lunch & Learn

Friday, January 27th at 12:30pm


New Year's CoolSculpting Event

  • Light Lunch provided
  • This Day Only special CoolSculpt pricing
  • Live Demonstration
  • RSVP by January 26th by  clicking here or 877-AGE-DEFY 

Revercel PM   

Our #1 Selling Night Cream! 


Revercel® PM is a power-packed formulation of peptides, antioxidants,  wrinkle reducers, lighteners, brighteners and skin "plumpers." This revolutionary product deeply moisturizes while restoring the skin's elasticity and firmness. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promotes clarity, radiance and brightness for "fuller" appearing, smoother skin.

Revercel PM 

Revercel PM is formulated with, Dermaxyl®, one of the most potent anti-aging peptides available and with powerful skin brighteners that produce a brighter, radiant skin tone. Lumiskin®, naturally derived from the bark of a Chilean tree, is a potent antioxidant that further brightens and evens skin tone.  Another big story is the black tea ferment, Kombuchka®, which decreases the greenish-gray tone that develops as the skin ages.

But it doesn't stop there. Revercel power-packs PM with vitamin E and C for antioxidant protection.  Jojoba esters, apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed oil and shea

butter work wonderfully together to moisturize, while palmarosa and the oils of orange, almond, lemon peel, bergamot and vertiver root provide a subtle, natural fragrance.


Revercel Skin Care is available at Age Defy and online by clicking here.  As always, free shipping on all orders over $100. 


For great skin this New Year, schedule an appointment  

for a Complimentary Skin Care Consultation  

with a Clinical Aesthetician.  

Patient Testimonial

A happy patient writes:

Dr. Noodleman performed Mohs procedure for my micro nodular basal skin cancer removal on my left cheek. I am only 32. I was extremely worried about having a scar the rest of my life. I went to many doctors for six months before finding Dr. Noodleman. All of the doctors told me that I would require a cosmetic surgeon after my surgery. Dr. Noodleman prepared me with the straight forward facts options and information and answers I was looking for to prepare for my surgery. He told me he would do everything possible after my surgery to revise any scarring until I was completely happy. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Noodleman that what he said he really meant.


I was really worried that I would have the surgery and then be left in the dark to try and figure everything out on my own on how to heal. Dr. Noodleman has over 25 years' experience and I did not have to use a cosmetic surgeon to revise my scar. I feel I can live my life without worrying that people are looking at my scar.

I would choose no other but Dr Noodleman for this procedure or any other procedure he performs. Dr. Noodleman is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, patient, honest and kind. He lives up to his word. He truly cares about his work and his patients and strives for you to look and feel your very best. Dr. Noodleman's staff were also the most caring and wonderful people. I could really see they all were very close like family and they did everything they could to help one another. Dr. Noodleman's nurses are the very best. Rose and Meghan held my hand during my entire surgery and offered me a warm blanket. Honey bandaged me and gave me great tips and advice on how to take care of my wound properly and Meghan even offered me cookies or pancakes....  :-)


I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery. He did a fabulous job and I am now cancer free!!!!


Thank you Dr. Noodleman!!!! 
In This Issue
Dr. Arlene Noodleman Graduates From Integrative Medicine Fellowship!
Spotlight on Treatment - Coolsculpting
Mark Your Calendar: New Year's Seminar, Tuesday, January 10th, 6:30pm * Complimentary Leg Vein Screening, Wednesday, January 11th * Health & Wellness Fair, Tuesday, January 17th * CoolSculpting Lunch & Learn, Friday, January 27th at 12:30pm
Revercel PM - Our #1 Selling Night Cream!
Patient Testimonial
Message From Dr. Arlene Noodleman
Our Newest Staff Member - Tristen Heitz, PA-C
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Message From

Dr. Arlene


Arlene Noodleman  

Silicon Valley Optimal Health  


I am pleased to announce the Spring opening of Silicon Valley Optimal Health™ at Age Defy Dermatology and Wellness™. The Center's staff will practice Integrative Medicine, a healing-oriented discipline that takes the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) into account, including all aspects of lifestyle and behavioral change. It emphasizes the doctor-patient relationship and utilizes all appropriate evidence-based therapies, both conventional and alternative.


The Center goes beyond what a "destination resort" offers. Ongoing adjustments in lifestyle and nutrition where people actually live and work, help them learn how to age gracefully and achieve and maintain optimal health. The Center's programs are ideal for people who want to investigate integrative and alternative approaches to health, develop healthy eating patterns for life, begin or restart a fitness program, and reduce stress. All offerings will complement Age Defy's mission to help patients "Look and Live Well" - inside and out. I look forward to sharing more about the Center with you in upcoming e-newsletters. 


Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy New Year,


Arlene Noodleman, M.D.,M.P.H.
Medical Director, Integrative Health 

Our Newest
Staff Member

Tristen Heitz, PA-C

Tristen joined Age Defy in November and we're thrilled to have her on board. She is a board-certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) and a Fellow of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants. Tristen graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine's Physician Assistant Program in 2000. Before completing her post-graduate preceptorship in dermatology, Tristen worked in women's health and gastroenterology, adding to her in-depth understanding of related dermatologic conditions. Tristen is passionate about and qualified to treat all aspects of dermatology and enjoys making a difference in her patients' lives. Tristen began her dermatology career in Los Gatos and has returned to the South Bay after working at a prominent dermatology practice in Marin.  Tristen is available for all your dermatology needs*.  


Evening & Saturday Appointments Available


*Age Defy bills most PPO Insurance plans. 


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