Issue No. 9                                                                  November, 2009
Age Defy Launches
New Website!

Now it's easier than ever to learn about Age Defy's services, events and products. Our new and improved site features greater search-ability, enhanced information, and a special Patient Portal to schedule appointments, ask questions and to pay your bill online. View our new Photo Gallery and link to Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, too!

Take a look for yourself at

Spotlight On Treatment

ZERONA™ is a hit
at Age Defy!

Age Defy is pleased to offer a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment to our patients. ZERONA is the first non-surgical treatment that effectively removes excess fat and inches with a series of painless, 40-minute light laser treatments. Feel more comfortable and body-confident - just in time for the Holidays! ZERONA was featured on The Rachel Ray Show just 3 weeks ago. Check out this clip!


Call us today to schedule your
ZERONA Consultation!

Mark Your Calendar
Holiday Countdown Seminar
New You Seminar
Join Dr. Rick Noodleman and his Staff for an informational Seminar to look your best this Holiday Season. Dr. Noodleman will talk about the newest approaches to body-contouring: ZERONA™, a non-invasive body shaping treatment and SLIM Liposuction. Learn how to restore sun-damaged skin with DermaSweep-MD and "The Laser Peel and Half-Time Heal™", too!

Tuesday, November 10th 6:30 pm

Door prize, Raffle and light refreshments.

RSVP to:
NEW! Informational Webinar
Wednesday, November 18th
at 6:00 pm

New You Seminar
Because we understand that your time is valuable, Age Defy now offers informational webinars so you can learn about cosmetic options in the comfort of your own home or office.

Sensitive Skin

New You Seminar

Your sensitive skin craves gentle care, which you'll find in this lightweight daily moisturizer. It features
Vitamins A and E, encapsulated in a lipid sphere to deliver moisture and vitamins deep beneath the skin's surface. This non-irritating, light moisturizer restores elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines,too.
(2 oz.)  $44

Available at Age Defy and

New At Age Defy

Brings your skin to a new level of clarity by erasing fine lines, dynamic wrinkles and sun damage. The DermaSweep technique uses special brush-tips to "sweep" and exfoliate while simultaneously infusing the skin with Epi-Infusion solutions: Vitamin-C to repair sun damage, Hyaluronic Acid to rehyrdate, and a special skin lightening agent to brighten the skin. The treatment level and the number of treatments are customized for your unique skin needs.


Patient Testimonial

Casey N. recently wrote a YELP review
about Age Defy:

I have that type of skin (fair, freckles, moles) that requires constant surveillance, so I have seen a myriad of dermatologists. By far, Joe Gorelick is the best I've seen. He has a GREAT bedside manner, listens intently, provides excellent advice, and is comprehensive and thorough. He concerns himself with everything skin-related and provides exceptional options and help. For example, during a check of moles (he found three that were troublesome and meticulously removed them with no traces - a first in my life), he noticed my heels look like an aging lizard's skin and identified the condition and prescribed a cream that resolved it immediately. He also diagnosed what I thought (and was told) was a "rosy complexion" as adult rosacea and prescribed a regimen that wiped it out. Joe has a wonderful sense of humor and communicates every step of the way.

The office staff is friendly, efficient, professional and knowledgeable. I never have to wait longer than 5 minutes. I'm in and out quickly. I never have to mess with insurance (the office staff handles that extremely well.)

I love this place. I've been there several times over the past 6 months and have not had one experience that was not positive.

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Spotlight On Treatment - ZERONA™
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Revercel's Sensititve Skin Moisturizer
New At Age Defy - DermaSweep
Patient Testimonial
Message from Dr Rick Noodleman
Meet Our Staff
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Message From
Dr. Rick

Dr. N photo

Dry skin can occur at any age and for many reasons. In general, skin becomes drier with age, in low-humidity climates and in winter due to the use of heaters and winter's drier air and wind. These external factors may cause severe dryness and chapped, tight or peeling skin. It's important to understand that the skin isn't dry because it lacks oil; it's dry because it lacks water. Therefore, you'll want to replace water in the skin as winter approaches. Here are some easy do-it-yourself tips to ease winter skin woes:

   Apply a wax-based lip balm
    to dry, chapped lips. Lip
    balm offers a protective 
    layer and eases chapping.

   For red, raw skin around
    the nose due to excessive
    nose-blowing, apply a small
    amount of soothing          
    Aquaphor Healing Ointment
    to the affected areas.

  Try taking an oatmeal bath.
    Aveeno Soothing Bath
    Treatment contains 100%
    pure natural colloidal
    oatmeal to help the skin
    soak up moisture.

  Apply extra amounts of
    hand, face and body
    moisturizers immediately
    after bathing during winter
    months. You might want to
    try Revercel's Nourishing
    Body Cream and Sensitive
    Skin Moisturizer.

   Avoid products with heavy
    fragrance that can irritate
    the skin.

Even in winter, never go
    outdoors without applying
    sunscreen. Even on cloudy
    days, UV rays can still
    penetrate the skin and
    cause premature aging.

  If the over-the-counter
    products don't provide
    relief from dry, cracked, or
    bleeding skin, schedule an
    appointment with either Joe
    Gorelick, N.P. or me for
    further evaluation and

   Bathe less frequently and
    consider use of a soap-free
    cleanser like Revercel's
    Gentle Blue Cleanser.

F.Richard Noodleman,MD
Medical Director,
Cosmetic Dermatology & Surgery

Meet Our Staff
Rose Laczny, R.N.

New You Seminar

Rose is Age Defy's Nurse Educator. She supports Dr. Noodleman in the OR and is also a caring and experienced Laser Nurse. Rose joined our Medical Center in 2003 and
has many years of nursing experience, including performing Intense Pulsed Light (FacialLite™) and hair removal treatments, and assisting in surgery. Rose is a gifted, compassionate nurse and is beloved by both patients and Staff.

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