Issue No. 7                                                                   September, 2009
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Spotlight On Treatment


Eliminate Acne with Omnilux &
Revercel's Clear-ify Kit

Did you know that there is a way to treat acne? The Omnilux LED light works to destroy the bacteria that cause acne. This completely non-invasive treatment is ideal for anyone who has struggled with acne, and for teens that just can't commit to taking medication daily. In addition Omnilux-Plus uses photodynamic therapy to improve sun-damaged skin.

At Age Defy, we combine Omnilux with Revercel's Clear-ify Kit for maximum results. The Kit is designed to effectively treat acne-prone skin and reduce blemishes, pimples and breakouts. Revercel's dual-approach daily regimen prevents and corrects the effects of blemish-causing bacteria and oily skin. Revercel's advanced formulas treat acne-causing imbalances and prevent future problems. Tough on zits, gentle on your skin! The Kit contains 5 full-size products at a 15% Savings!

Available at Age Defy and online at

Mark Your Calendar

NEW! Age Defy Webinar
Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00 pm


We understand that your time is valuable. Age Defy now offers our popular on site Seminars in an informational webinar format. Learn about the latest approaches in the comfort of your own home or office. Please join us for our first Webinar on September 9th.

To register for this webinar, click here: 

Register for the Age Defy Webinar!


New You SeminarRepair Summer Skin Seminar!

Tuesday, September 15th


Join Dr. Rick Noodleman and his Staff for an informational Seminar and learn newest techniques and treatments to repair Summer skin damage including DermaSweep M.D., the latest in resurfacing technology.

Door prize raffle and light refreshments served.

Stress Reduction Program
now in conjunction with El Camino Los Gatos Hospital

This Program is designed to teach mind and body awareness techniques that create more balance in daily living and aid in the prevention of physical illnesses associated with stress.

Free Introductory Course
 Monday, October 19th 7-9pm

Eight Week Series on Eight Consecutive Mondays
October 26th - December 14th

All Day Retreat at
El Camino Hospital
Sunday, December 6th 9:30-4:30

Fee: $300
(along with a $40 materials Fee)

RSVP to 877-AGE-DEFY Today

Warming Pumpkin
Enzyme Mask
Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask tube
A surprisingly revitalizing and warm
experience! This luxurious at-home spa treatment is packed with active ingredients to draw out impurities, refine pores, and nourish the skin. Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask actually heats when applied to the skin and it smells delicious. With just one use, you're left with a warm feeling and incredible glow.

Available at Age Defy and

Experience a luxurious
Pumpkin Facial
Body Peel

at our Medi-Spa & receive a complimentary Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask for home use.

A $44 Value!


New At Age Defy

Take your skin to a new level of clarity by erasing fine lines, dynamic wrinkles, sun damage and more.  The DermSweep technique uses special brush-tips to "sweep" damaged skin away while simultaneously infusing the skin with "epi-Infusion" solutions.  Vitamin C helps repair sun damage; hyaluronic acid rehydrates and skin lightening agents brighten the skin.  The treatment intensity and number of treatments vary for each person and will be determined during your Consultation.


Patient Testimonial  
Revercel user Leslie L. writes:

"Your Revercel products actually seem to heal the loss of elasticity! They make my skin stay wonderfully firm and glowing after I use them. I am hooked and am sending your web page to all of my friends and clients!"

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Revercel's Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
Pumpkin Facial or Pumpkin Body Peel
New At Age Defy - DermaSweep
Patient Testimonial
Message from Dr Rick Noodleman
Meet Our Staff
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Special Offer - $50 Off Botox

Message From
Dr. Rick Noodleman

Dr. N photo

Now that summer is almost over, I'm sure you're more aware than ever the ways in which excessive sun exposure can damage your skin, the most dangerous being skin cancer. A common lesion called actinic keratosis (AK for short) is the early beginnings of cancer. AKs are an alteration in the size, shape, and organization of skin cells. Left alone, AKs can develop into squamous cell carcinoma, a serious and potentially deadly skin cancer.

If you keep an eye on your skin by doing monthly skin checks on your own and coming in to see us for a yearly skin cancer screening, you're doing a lot to catch any AKs that might develop. Look for small rough, red, or scaly patches that may be tender or even bleed a bit if you scratch them. AKs often develop on the face, neck, and backs of the hands, so keep an eye on these areas especially.

The key to treating AKs is to realize that while you may see only one, others are soon to follow. It's like finding a dandelion that's sprung up on your front lawn; you can pull it out but more will soon pop up. That's why it's best to not only remove the visible AKs and also treat the surrounding area of your skin as well.

We have several procedures here at Age Defy to remove AKs, as well as diminish the effects of sun damage that caused these lesions in the first place. These include a light therapy called Omnilux Plus, a type of microderm- abrasion called DermaSweep, and laser resurfacing. All not only can remove pre-cancerous cells, they also smooth wrinkles, soften lines, and brighten
your skin.

Remember, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to wear plenty of sunscreen.  Enjoy the rest of your summer - safely.

F.Richard Noodleman,MD
Medical Director,
Cosmetic Dermatology & Surgery
Meet Our Staff
Toni Gonzales
Patient Care Specialist

Toni Gonzales

Many of you already know and love Toni Gonzales who has been with Age Defy since 2007. After reducing her hours, Toni recently returned to us full-time. She is a warm, caring, and knowledgeable Patient Care Specialist who is here to answer your questions, schedule appointments and, most importantly, ensure that you have an exceptional experience when you visit Age Defy.


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