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Issue No. 1
agedefy.com                                                                   March, 2009
Affordable Skin & Body Care from Age Defy
Care Credit's Economic Stimulus Promotion at Age Defy now offers an 18 month
no interest loan!

  Plus, learn about SLIM Liposculpture, our best-selling night cream, Revercel PM, and a new FDA-approved eyelash enhancing product, Latisse.
Spotlight On Treatment

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Age Defy is proud to be a premier site nationwide for a revolutionary new procedure called SLIMLiposculpture. The new SLIM laser is the most effective, targeted and side effect free liposuction technique available today. Its advantages are many. It is the only treatment that reduces fat and tightens the skin simultaneously. SLIM melts away 3 to 5 times more fat that previous liposculpture technologies. There are no large instruments so there's little bruising and discomfort. Best of all, you can return to normal activities in just one day!
Wednesday March 18th at 6:30pm

Join Medical Director Rick Noodleman and his Staff to learn about budget-friendly services and products to help you Look and Live Well this Spring!

Click here to RSVP
Hydrate Your Skin
Revercel PM image
Winter's dry air and low humidity can de-hydrate your skin.The moisture in your skin also decreases from taking extra-hot showers in the cool weather and even from using your car's heater more often. As Spring approaches, it's important to re-moisturize your skin. Revercel offers the most advanced anti-aging and moisturizing product today: our  best selling Revercel PM. This wonderful night cream is power-packed with peptides and antioxidants to provide optimal moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and  wrinkles and plump the skin.

New At Age Defy
We are excited to offer a new innovation
in eyelash lengthening: Latisse,
the first and only FDA-approved eyelash enhancer.

This amazing new product promotes longer, thicker, darker eyelashes with 8-16 weeks of continued use.
Latisse will not be released to the general public
until May but is now available at Age Defy!

Start Latisse today for $100 and you'll enjoy a
20% savings on a Botox
or wrinkle filler treatment

when scheduled within 30 days of your Latisse consultation.*

*Offer expires 3/15/09

Patient Testimonial
This month's Raving Fan is a patient who
recently underwent CO2 laser resurfacing
with Dr. Noodleman.

January, 2009

Dear Friends,

This is to express my appreciation to Age Defy and to each person I encountered during my week of treatment. On the day of my CO2 procedure I was greeted by Rose who was caring and charming form moment one, throughout the OR experience to this day during her
follow up calls.

Leading up to my procedure itself, Joy was knowledgeable without being intimidating. I was completely uneducated in cosmetic treatments of any kind. She answered questions and assuaged my fears in a professional and friendly manner. She kindly taxied me to and from the hyperbaric chamber when I was unsightly. She kept me from an emotional fall apart.

Dr. Noodleman's caring approach and deft hands were the ultimate comfort.  I fully intend to recommend him to any friends who ask about my CO2 treatment process. With gratitude I look back on the special Sunday afternoon when he removed my mask and started restoring my face to, well, better than normal.

This letter wouldn't be complete without mentioning darling Charisma who inspired me with her look of love and inspiration on January 20th, the day out government and I gained a new look and bright complexion.

Thank you all.

Lynn Pigott
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Care Credit's Economic Stimulus Promotion
Spotlight On Treatment
Hydrate Your Skin
New At Age Defy
Patient Testimonial
Message from Dr Noodleman
Meet Our Staff
Save 20%

Message From

Dr. Noodleman

Dr. Noodleman

Welcome to our new monthly E-Newsletter. Age Defy Dermatology and Wellness was founded a decade
ago help people achieve healthy skin and a more youthful appearance through innovative dermatology services. While our gloomy economy complicates
things, you don't have to compromise on having great skin. Age Defy offers you affordable skin care. Care Credit's Economic Stimulus promotion now offers 18 month loan no interest loans.  With options for every budget, our expert Staff partners with you to create cost-effective anti-aging solutions. This month also features the revolutionary
SLIM Liposculpture procedure and a new FDA-approved eyelash enhancing product, Latisse. We hope you enjoy the Newsletter. Thank you for placing your confidence in Age Defy.

F.Richard Noodleman,MD       
Medical Director, Cosmetic Dermatology & Surgery

Meet Our Staff
Massage Therapist
Angelee Flores

            Angelee Flores
Age Defy is proud to introduce you to our new Massage Therapist, Angelee Flores. Angelee graduated with honors from the College of Massage Therapy at the National Holistic Institute in San Jose. With over 1400 hours of comprehensive training in massage therapy, aromatherapy and holistic healing modalities, and experience in both medical and spa settings, Angelee offers a unique and effective blend of therapeutic and relaxing massage. She specializes in "integrative massage" using an intuitive healing approach that incorporates Swedish, deep tissue, Trager, pressure point and Polarity Therapy techniques. She also offers postural and range of motion assessments along with patient education. Angelee actively pursues continuing education to further her professional development and is also an active member of ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals). Angelee is available on Thursdays and Saturdays by appointment. Now, for a limited time*, enjoy FIVE massages with Angelee for the price of FOUR!*

*Offer expires 3/15/09

Save 20%
on your next Botox or
wrinkle filler appointment!
When you schedule your Latisse consultation and start a Latisse treatment within 30 days.*

*Offer expires 3/15/09

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