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E-News Bulletin - December 2011
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Healthy People 2020 Slides
IEHA 2012 Annual Education Conference
NSPF Awards Research Grants
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 Healthy People 2020


Healthy People 2020


If you missed Tom Turco's presentation on Healthy People 2020 at the Idaho Public Health Association's conference in September, his slides, handouts and web links can be found on the conference web page.




NEHA Annual Education Conference and Exhibition



June 28-30th

San Diego, CA








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Save Energy and Resources This Holiday Season


The winter holidays are nearly here! Some of us are ready for the festivities, but many of us are still planning and shopping for decorations and gifts and organizing holiday gatherings. We want to enjoy the fun and spirit of the season, but we don't want to spend too much money or use too many resources in the process. And most of all, we want to enjoy quality time with those we love.


The good news is that we can participate in all these holiday activities and still manage to conserve resources. In doing so, we also protect our environment and protecting our environment can safeguard our health now and in the future.


Whether we are traveling, sending holiday cards, decorating our homes, or choosing gifts, all of us can have "green" celebrations. Even if you already reduce, reuse and recycle, browse through the suggestions below for more ways to bring those practices into your holiday activities. If all of us make even a few eco-friendly choices, we will save energy and resources and send less trash to the landfill during this busy time of year. Read More...

The Future of Environmental Health:

Welcome to the Next Generation


IEHA Annual Education Conference

March 14 & 15, 2012

Boise State University


Keynote Speaker:

David Riggs, Region 1 Vice President

National Enviromental Health Association 


Online registration opens Dec. 14, 2012

Remember to renew your membership for

discounted conference rates! See instructions on the

IEHA home page for renewing members.


National Swimming Pool Foundation Awards Research Grants Totaling $180,995


Over the past seven years, the board of directors of the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF) has given back over $4 million to fund research to demonstrate health benefits and reduced injury and disease in and around the water.


This year, the NSPF board has awarded four grants totaling $180,995. One health benefit grant was awarded to Utah State University and three injury prevention grants were awarded to the University of Arizona, Purdue University, and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. These grants will sustain research supported by NSPF in recent years and embark on new research. Read more...




The International Association for Food Protection is committed to serving the unique life-long learning needs of our Members. You'll find this to be the goal of every Annual Meeting, which draws an international audience of food safety professionals. Educational sessions are dedicated to timely coverage of key issues and cater to multiple experience levels.


The Annual Meeting has become the leading meeting concerned with the protection of the worldwide food supply. Each meeting is attended by over 2,500 of the top industry, academic and government food safety professionals. This broad mix of attendees includes professionals in quality control, processing operations, regulatory inspections, consulting groups, risk assessment, research and development, microbiological research, plant management, technical services and HACCP management. Read more...

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