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Much to our horror, due to some spacing issues with constant contact, one of their help desk folks inadvertently deleted some of our rock star "Outstanding Leaders in WHS" awardees.

We sincerely regret the omission and invite you to view the full list below! 

January Events in Pictures!

WHS 2011 Fashion Show

Anyone who had any question that WHS is a special organization just had to attend our January events.  WHS members, their daughters and their families attended our "What to Wear" fashion show featuring executive dress wear from Lord & Taylor and Jenessa Hoffman, President of Potomac Recruiting for some tips on how to dress for success and make 2011 their best year.  It was an exceptional event with some of the most beautiful ladies in the area.


Here is a teaser in pictures...visit us at flickr for all the photos!


Fashion show moms and daughters

WHS Member Awards Announced


Thank you WHS rock stars!
Congratulations to our 2010 Stars!

WHS recognized the outstanding leaders, members and supporters who in 2010  supported us through their time, resources and participation and helped us grow this organization to the largest and most active representing women working in our field.


Please take a moment to offer them thanks and congratulations for their hard work and dedication to women working in homeland security.

Outstanding Leaders

Lynn Ann Casey, arcAspicio

Julie Hassett, Hassett Willis

Ellen M. Howe, L-3 Security & Detection Systems

Janice Kephart, Center for Immigration Studies

Janet Lyman, Booz Allen Hamilton

Barbara Moffatt, New Dimensions 

Catherine Nelson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Anne Petera, Lockheed Martin
Nancy Peters, CACI

Kimberly Purlia, EmeSec

Julie Myers Woods, ICS Consulting


Outstanding Young Leaders

Erin Corey Hoffman, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Amy Scheurer, Booz Allen Hamilton 


Outstanding Members

Jena McNeill Baker, The Heritage Foundation

Courtney Bromley, IBM

Cecilia DeCamp, IBM
Master Chief Edna Doak, U.S. Coast Guard

Rosemarie Franz, RCG

Sue Hopkins, DSCI

Victoria Laing, Battelle

Linda Mathes, American Red Cross in the National Capital Region

Mitzi Mead, Accella Consulting

Melissa Middlesworth, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council

Linda Morris, Strategic Analysis, Inc.
Michelle Mrdeza, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Megan Pioch, Federal Emergency Management Agency


Outstanding Supporters

Master Chief of the Reserve Forces of the U.S. Coast Guard Mark Allen
Mack Bahri, PNC Bank, Oakton, VA

Mike Kelly, TASC

Master Chief of the U.S. Coast Guard Michael Leavitt

Senior Chief Jon Ostrowski, U.S. Coast Guard

Marc Pearl, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council

Randy Reid, U.S. Coast Guard (ret)

Don Scott, U.S. Coast Guard (ret)


February 11  Tina Gabrielli, Director, Risk Management & Analysis, DHS

 Tina Gabbrielli
Join us for lunch with

Tina Gabbrielli
Director, Office of Risk Management & Analysis, DHS

11:30am - 1:00pm

2800 Crystal Drive, 9th floor
Arlington, VA (parking directly across the street)


To try and protect everything from everyone:  ludicrous.  To judiciously analyze and assess our risks:  Tina. 

Tina W. Gabbrielli is the Director of the Office of Risk Management and Analysis (RMA), National Protection and Programs Directorate, at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She leads the Department's efforts to develop and implement an integrated risk management framework to address the overall analysis and management of homeland security risk. Her office advances the Secretary's risk reduction focus and helps ensure decisions regarding policies, programs and resources across the Department are driven by a consistent and purposeful risk-informed approach. She is also responsible for conducting strategic integrated risk analysis.   Read more on our new website!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Lyn Kelly

 Lyn Kelly, Composite Software

 Composite software


 Thank you Nancy!
Nancy Peters, CACI, a WHS Silver sponsor

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March 4  Molly Wilkinson, HSGAC

Molly Wilkinson

Join us for lunch with

Molly Wilkinson
Republican Deputy General Council, Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee

11:30am - 1:00pm

Join us for lunch with Molly Wilkinson, Republican Deputy General Council for the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee.   Hopefully your first encounter with her was at the WHS Holiday Auction (we're waiting on a headshot but Molly is on the right, along with Janet Kephart, Chair of the WHS No Greater Sacrifice Foundation fundraising effort and Rob Strayer, also of the Senate HSGAC Committee) but if not, she's someone you won't want to miss!

Many are concerned with how the new Republican House will impact future appropriations and investment into homeland security -- join us to hear her view, what she sees as priorities for the new Congress and what if any impact it will have on government acquisitions.

She joined the Committee in January 2009 and has primary responsibility for acquisition policy issues.  She is also the Republican Staff Director for the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight.  She has over 13 years experience in government acquisitions, first for the New York State government and most recently in the federal government.  She served in Iraq for U.S. Department of Defense, was the Chief Acquisition Officer at the U.S. General Services Administration and the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Ms. Wilkinson is a graduate of the College of theHoly Cross and Albany LAw School and is a member of the New York State bar.



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April 7  Tiffany Hixson, Director, SBI Procurement & Acquisition


Join us for lunch with

Tiffany T. Hixson
Executive Director, SBI Acquisition Office, DHS

11:30am - 1:00pm

SBInet is cancelled:  Now What?

Tiffany T. Hixson is the Executive Director for the SBI Acquisition Office at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Ms. Hixson joined CBP in March 2007 and is responsible for building DHS's newest procurement office into a center of excellence, supporting both the procurement and acquisition needs of SBI. As Executive Director, Ms. Hixson provides leadership and oversight to CBP's $1.5 billion SBI acquisition portfolio.

Prior to her tenure supporting the SBI program in both this capacity and as the Deputy Director for the SBI Program Executive Office, in June 2004, Ms. Hixson joined the Department of Homeland Security as Deputy Director for the Office of Procurement Operations. In this position she co-managed and delivered procurement services for key department offices including the Office of the Secretary and the Undersecretaries for Management, Science and Technology, Preparedness, and 11 other component agencies of DHS with a combined acquisition portfolio valued at $2 billion per year.

Ms. Hixson began her federal career at the U.S. Department of Commerce where she served for 15 years in contract specialist, procurement analyst, and director positions overseeing acquisitions ranging from ship repair, to the purchase card program, to complex information technology acquisitions including the COMMITS line of government-wide acquisition contracts.

Ms. Hixson is a graduate of American University's Key Executive Program and holds a Master of Public Administration. She received her undergraduate degree from Seattle University's College of Arts and Sciences in political science. She frequently participates in government-wide forums discussing the merits of streamlined and innovative acquisition programs, and has coauthored several articles on these and other subjects. She is 2001 graduate of the Industry Advisory Council's Partners Program, and in 2005 served as President of the American Society of Public Administration's National Capital Area Chapter.


Thank you to our sponsors:

Anne PeteraLMCO

Anne Petera, Director of Homeland Security Programs at Lockheed Martin



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WHS screenshot 




Thanks to Sapient Government Services, WHS has a new website!

Get all your latest info on our luncheons, book club, WHS University and a special new feature -- our bloggers!


What a great reason to introduce a friend to WHS!  


Features include:

>More interactive -- post comments and start conversations on blogs and posts!

>NEW!  Exclusive Internships for WHS members and friends.  View them here and let us know if we can offer an internship with YOUR company or agency.

>NEW!  Learn from watching and listening -- complete section with testimony and speeches from some of the leading women in homeland security (are we missing you?  Let us know and we'll add our members to this list!)  Click here to visit.

>Read our blogs

  Meet our new bloggers here and learn more about

  • The emerging technology market at DHS from Sarah Djamshidi, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Innovation Center;
  • Your Career -- Straight from the Recruiters Lips -- more from Venessa Hoffman, President of Potomac Recruiting;
  • Working for DHS by DHS Presidential Management Intern Erin Corey Hoffman;
  • Being the Best you -- professionally and personally from Jean Stafford, President & Founder of Executive Coaching for Women
WHS is very proud of the impressive array of topics and the exceptional women contributing to make your organization a useful place to learn and network -- whether in person or at one of our events!  Please take a moment to look through their blogs and start some conversations.

Browse around and let us know what you think --  


Meet WHS' Legislative Fellow from Ukraine:  Maria Avdieieva

Mariia, WHS' Legislative Fellow

Host company needed!

Please help us welcome our legislative fellow from Ukraine!
Maria will be working on a project for WHS on women in homeland security here in the U.S.  She may be blogging for us, as well as participating in our luncheons and writing a piece on the numbers of women in our field.  Given WHS' limited office space, we do not have an actual desk for her -- if you do, please let us know! (preferably downtown)

[If your company is interested in a legislative fellow there are still some available from Ukraine, Georgia and Russia, please contact us for more information.]

More details about Maria:


City, Country:  Kharkiv, Ukraine                


Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian


Education: J.D., National Law Academy


Current Title and Place of Work:  Research Associate, Kharkiv Branch of the National Institute of Strategic Studies (NISS)


Current Responsibilities: Ms. Avdieieva collects, analyzes and evaluates data on the Ukrainian political system.  She also researches the political situations of neighboring countries and opportunities for trans-boundary cooperation between Ukraine and its neighbors.


Motivation:  Ms. Avdieieva is very interested in helping to strengthen the rule of law in and to encourage the constitutional reform of Ukraine so that the country can function in a more democratic manner.  She would like to learn first hand about the division of powers in the United States on the federal level and believes that this experience will directly benefit her in her career at NISS.


Professional Interests:  Strengthening the core of young leaders in Ukraine who work for an independent and democratic Ukraine,constitutional law, international law.


Previous U.S. Experience: Traveled to Cincinnati on a Sister City Project in 1996.


February's Extraordinary Read:  Skating on Stilts


Skating on Stilts by Stewart BakerSkating on Stilts:  Why We Aren't Stopping Tomorrow's Terrorism
by Stewart Baker

Buy it now. 

Talking with Secretary Chertoff in January we asked what book he'd recommend for our February book club selection.  He immediately said, "Stewart Baker's book"...so from the Honorable Secretary's recommendation straight to you, our read for February is Skating on Stilts written by DHS' first Assistant Secretary of Policy.


In the years after 9/11, officials scrambled to rethink security at the border and in the air-while privacy groups and foreign governments did their best to stop and then roll back security measures. As a result, we have only partially closed gaping security holes. Worse, the resistance has made it all but impossible to head off other disasters that are inherent in new technologies such as computer networks and biotech.


Stewart A. Baker draws on his experience at Homeland Security to give the reader a ringside seat as the battle unfolds. In a lively memoir, he describes his agency s post-9/11 strategy to rebuild border security on a foundation of better information about travelers, and the bitter resistance the strategy met from privacy campaigners in the United States and Europe. He shows how a left-right privacy coalition helped set the stage for the Christmas Day bombing.

Looking to the future, Baker examines two new technologies that carry within them the seeds of disasters more damaging than 9/11. As with border security, we can avoid catastrophe by changing our current course a few degrees, building prudent new security measures around information networks and biotechnology. But that course faces stiff resistance from the same groups that fought new security measures after 9/11. Baker argues that privacy campaigners should abandon their stance of opposing all new government uses of technology. Instead of fighting the inevitable in the name of privacy, we should embrace new technologies that offer new ways to protect citizens from abuse. 

If you are interested in joining some other folks to discuss this phenomenon, its impact on our world and work with some other intelligent, interested people, let us know!


WHS University:  The DHS Risk Lexicon


DHS Risk Lexicon

DHS Risk Lexicon  (click pic to read)

The DHS Risk Lexicon makes available a common, unambiguous set of official terms and definitions to ease and improve the communication of risk-related issues for DHS and its partners. It facilitates the clear exchange of structured and unstructured data that is essential to the exchange of ideas and information amongst risk practitioners by fostering consistency and uniformity in the usage of risk-related terminology for the Department.


This is the second edition of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Risk Lexicon and represents an update of the version published in September 2008. More than seventy terms and definitions were included in the first edition of the DHS Risk Lexicon. The 2010 edition includes fifty new terms and definitions in addition to revised definitions for twenty-three of the original terms. It was produced by the DHS Risk Steering Committee (RSC). The RSC, chaired by the Under Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate and administered by the Office of Risk Management and Analysis (RMA), has produced a DHS Risk Lexicon with definitions for terms that are fundamental to the practice of homeland security risk management and analysis. The RSC is the risk governance structure for DHS, with membership from across the Department, formed to leverage the risk management capabilities of the DHS Components and to advance Departmental efforts toward integrated risk management.

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