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Spring in DC
March 1 is meteorologically "spring" and today is International Womens' Day! 
So here's to the rest of the dirty piles of snow melting away and making way for a jam-packed spring.  Thanks again to Rosaline Cohen who dazzled us with the best policy discussion I've heard in a decade at our luncheon March 2nd.  We also had great suggestions for speakers and activities and we've invited many of the proposed folks already. 
We've had a great response to our request for sponsorship.  Thanks to Lynn Ann Casey of ArcAspicio for sponsoring WHS!  We've also started the "Respect your RSVP club" to encourage folks to show up when they say they will!  So far so good!  Sponsorships are priced very reasonably and for small contributions you and your company can get a full-year of benefits all for sponsoring a lunch or event for WHS.  Contact me if you'd like more information.
S O C I A L  M E D I A
We strongly recommend that you join us on our social media sites:  facebook, linkedin or twitter.  Members are very active on facebook and we have amazing pictures and stories from Haiti, Syria and now Kabul of members living and working homeland security in scenes across the world.  Join the discussion and post your own observations!
J O B S  &  O T H E R  A N N O U N C E M E N T S
Scroll down if you're looking!  Numerous high paying positions are available with WHS members.  Send your job announcements in and PLEASE...let us know where you are and where you're going!  email your news to [email protected] 
See you at Happy Hour at Zola tomorrow night!
Kristina Tanasichuk
President & Founder
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Happy Hour at Zola     MARCH 9th
Happy Hour Every Second Tuesday! 
Jaleo Crystal City
Join us at Zola for Happy Hour specials! 
WHEN:  March 9th   5:30-8:00 pm
Interested in sponsoring happy hour?  Email us.
WHERE:  ZOLA  800 F Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20004-1505
(202) 654-0999
Special Thanks to Kimberly Purlia, VP, ASRC Management Services & Susan Hopkins, CEO, Dynamic Security Concepts Inc, for sponsoring us at Jaleo!
Frances Fragos Townsend      MARCH 17  PLEASE NOTE!
RSVP Frances Fragos Townsend
Join us for lunch with
Frances Fragos Townsend
former Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security & Counterterrorism and chair of the Homeland Security Council; now partner with Baker Botts LLP

WHEN:  12:00 - 1:30pm  March 17 
WHERE:  Lockheed Martin Crystal City 
2121 Crystal Drive, 10th floor
Arlington, VA   22202

For security at Lockheed, PLEASE RSVP WITH:
Full name
Foreign citizens will need to provide passport information
Please RSVP by March 16.
LUNCH will be available from 11:45 - 12:15pm in the anteroom outside of the auditorium.  There is no food allowed in the auditorium so please allow yourself some time to eat.  
Join us for a Brown Bag lunch to hear from one of the highest ranking and most experienced homeland security professionals in the nation.  Ms. Townsend will talk to us about her work in the former Administration, her thoughts on homeland security today and how we can become better prepared.  Click here for
her bio
NEED a flier to promote this event at your company?  Email me and I'll send a PDF of our next two events!
Click here to view The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned
Thank you to our sponsor:
Lynn Ann Casey, CEO, ArcAspicio arcAspicioLynn Ann Casey, CEO, arcAspicio
Thank you to Anne Petera of Lockheed Martin for hosting!
Soraya Correa       APRIL 27
Soraya Correa, DHS 
Join us for our Brown Bag Luncheon with
Soraya Correa
Director Office of Procurement Operations, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
WHEN:  11:30 - 1:00pm  April 27
RE:  The Farragut Center
(Can you host or sponsor this WHS event? 
 Please contact us.) 
Join us for a Brown Bag lunch to hear from one of the busiest and well regarded officials at DHS.  Ms. Correa will join us to discuss her role at the Department, her career in the Federal government, DHS' procurement plans and EAGLE II. Join us for this informal conversation with one of the most powerful women at the Department!
Thank you to our sponsors!
 Lynn Ann Casey, CEO, ArcAspicioLynn Ann Casey, CEO, arcAspicio
Kimberly Purlia, VP, ASRC Management Services
Kimberly Purlia, VP, ASRC
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Rosaline Cohen's Great Policy Conversation

Cohen event

Over 25 WHSers joined us for a great policy discussion on structure of DHS, recent comments about contractors in the Department, how best to secure the cyber infrastructure and the challenges in doing so, among many other front-page news stories.  We've become a brain trust of sorts for Rosaline and everyone has already asked, "When's Rosaline coming back!"

Rosaline Cohen and guests

Thank you to everyone who joined the discussion -- we had many very high level former DHSers from TSA, CBP, FEMA and other Departments in the crowd.  See you next time!

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Book of the Month:  Reading Lolita in Tehran
Reading Lolita in TehranAn inspired blend of memoir and literary criticism, Reading Lolita in Tehran is a moving testament to the power of art and its ability to change and improve people's lives. In 1995, after resigning from her job as a professor at a university in Tehran due to repressive policies, Azar Nafisi invited seven of her best female students to attend a weekly study of great Western literature in her home. Since the books they read were officially banned by the government, the women were forced to meet in secret, often sharing photocopied pages of the illegal novels. For two years they met to talk, share, and "shed their mandatory veils and robes and burst into color." Though most of the women were shy and intimidated at first, they soon became emboldened by the forum and used the meetings as a springboard for debating the social, cultural, and political realities of living under strict Islamic rule. They discussed their harassment at the hands of "morality guards," the daily indignities of living under the Ayatollah Khomeini's regime, the effects of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, love, marriage, and life in general, giving readers a rare inside look at revolutionary Iran.  Buy Reading Lolita in Tehran now.
WHS University:  Paper of the Month
CRS Report on Al QaedaWe all want to be better and smarter at our jobs and in our understanding of terrorism, its origins and the latest information on how we may stop it.  WHS will offer papers and documents from think tanks, universities, research facilities and other organizations to help you on your journey to be the best.  The feature this month is:
Al Qaeda and Affiliates: Historical Perspective, Global Presence & Implications for U.S. Policy
Written by John Rollins of CRS, this excellent review describes the background of Al Qaeda's development and the group's connections throughout the world.  No real student of terrorism should ignore it.
Enjoying WHS' activities?  Share the news!  April will bring spring flowers...and the first Women in Homeland Security Membership drive!  Help WHS "grow" to serve you better!
Prizes include: 
WHS t-shirts, free tickets to events, "bling" and more!  Stay tuned for details but the referrals start now -- Get your WHS  "dollars" for every friend you bring into the fold.  Simply direct them to our website to register and let us know who sent them.  For everyy referral you receive $5 WHS dollars.  Redeem them for prizes and treats in the month of April. 
Happy Spring!
Now Hiring glassesDirector/VP of Marketing for  Hi-G-Tek
Hi-G-Tek Inc. is currently seeking candidates for Director/VP of Marketing. The position is responsible for developing, managing and evolving Hi-G-Tek's overall marketing effort. Scope includes market strategy, product strategy, product management, market analysis, product pricing, branding, and public relations. The position is responsible for developing and conveying Hi-G-Tek's  product strategy and message to the marketplace, directly and through the sales team.  Qualified candidates will have experience working in an early stage technology rich company. They will have a strong aptitude for understanding a technology core and experience in transitioning  to commercialized products. International experience very relevant to this position.
HGT is an early stage privately held company headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. It offers a set of solutions to enabling customers to secure their supply chain, reduce supply chain risk, and manage material assets. Customer benefits include reduced loss, improved revenue, liability mitigation, and regulatory compliance.   Products are based on patented active RFID technology providing an array of mobile, highly automated tracking, management and control capabilities of valuable or hazardous assets. The company is uniquely positioned in this early stage developing market. 
Interested candidates can contact Beryl Hosack, Director of Government Programs Hi-G-Tek Inc.; Direct:(301) 917-2943; Blackberry: +1 (301) 919-8551; [email protected]

Numerous Positions at ArcAspicio
 Visit them here for a complete list.
Honor Your RSVP Club
Honor Your RSVP Club
Please join us in the "HONOR your RSVP" club.  When you RSVP to our free events and join WHS for free, we find the sponsors and supporters to purchase a meal for you.  Please respect the work and money that goes into securing this privilege and honor your commitment to attend. Thanks!Honor your RSVP Club 
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