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  Wisechoices Newsletter - Summer 2011

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Reiki helps a Couple
Reiki and Children
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A Message from the Universe

A message through Mari



Be As a Child


When we were children our lives were full of simplicity and natural good-natured fun, which allowed us to remain in the moment and be present to everything that happened to us. Letting go of our cares was easier for we knew on an intuitive level that by playing and enjoying ourselves we could savor each and every moment. By freeing ourselves from our adult constraints, we will infuse our lives with dynamic moments that we will cherish forever.


--Excerpt from the Daily OM





Girl and a Heart











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    Mother and Baby

Reiki Helps a Couple's Dreams for a Family Come True

Mari Hall


My office was in the regional hospital in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. It was a supportive place to work because I could consult the doctors, and quite often we worked together in regards to clients of mine and patients of theirs. The head of Gynecology sent a young woman to me for a consultation to see if Reiki could assist her in conceiving a child. Both she and her husband had been checked in the hospital's fertility clinic, which found some problems with conception. I asked both the woman and her husband to come for an evaluation and initial treatment.


The couple, Jana and Honza, had been married for eleven years. Unsuccessful in conceiving, they asked me to use Reiki with them. I had been sent the clinic's records and also took a standard case history from both of them. I asked about eating habits and stress factors and how they were emotionally regarding this problem.


Jana was 33 years old, a technician in a refrigeration company. She worked from 7am to 4pm, then cared for her grandmother until her mother got home from her job. She was often upset and believed she was a failure because she couldn't conceive a child. She had depression and lost weight. She found it hard to sleep at night. The doctors told her only one ovary was functioning. She was quite stressed, both in her personal life and at work. Her eating habits indicated a strong desire for sweets. She craved chocolate and also drank coffee with three spoons of sugar.


Honza was 37 years old, a translator for a petrochemical company. He worked from 7:30am to 5pm. He was quite busy and did not feel stressed at work but did at home. Because Jana was depressed and there was so much tension in the home, he often worked into the night, doing additional work at his computer. He was very fond of salty foods. The doctors said he had a low sperm count.


I decided to treat the couple individually with Reiki so that each had their own time and also said I would adjust their food a bit as we progressed with the treatments. We had noticed in treating fertility problems that many of the couples had a pH difference which seemed to make conception harder. I gave Jana some meditations to help her relax. I set up an appointment with the head of the fertility clinic to speak with Jana about their diagnosis, especially emphasizing that the problem concerns them both. She had taken it as her problem only. It was important for her to realize it was not just her problem. The talk did help her to relax more.


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Christina Reiki

Reiki and Children 

Frank Arjava Petter 

When my teacher, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, learned Reiki from Hayashi Sensei in 1938, her foster father sponsored her first class saying that the Reiki training was part of her dowry. So instead of receiving chopsticks and futons only, she also took Reiki into her new family.

She later gave birth to four boys, and she gave Reiki to them daily.  Her husband got severly injured in World War Two;  he, too, was given Reiki on a daily basis. This example was my role model when our young family came into being with the pregnancy of my wife, Bhakti.

Before the conception

Actually it began about two and a half years earlier. My wife was diagnosed as being medically infertile when she was a teenager. She spent her adolescence knowing that she could never conceive and kind of came to terms with it over the years. Yet there was an underlying pain of not being woman enough.  A constant complaint gnawed at her tender heart.

When we met in 2002 and before we were a couple, we both had a vision of the two of us walking along a beautiful beach with a gorgeous child, swinging from our hands. From the moment we were together, I treated her daily for a year and a half.  This was the longest series of treatments I ever did.  I began by working on her ovaries an hour each day. First they were given names. Soon I began talking to them, caressing them and kissing them. Later on we worked on her mind, erasing the mental/emotional pattern that had grown in her mind.

After the conception

The conception of our daughter, Christina, was clearly noticed by the two of us and we enjoyed daily Reiki treatments during the whole pregnancy. After awakening in the morning we spent about an hour with Reiki on her womb, every single day. During the following nine months, Bhakti took part in countless Reiki trainings and was given Reiju (Reiki- initiation) frequently, also by my friend Tadao Yamaguchi in the course of her Jikiden Reiki Training. Every day I spoke to her belly and told our child that she is made of pure love...

After her birth and until this day, Reiki is part of her life, like breathing. Our son Alexis, who arrived four years after his big sister, received the same treatment. Again we were quite aware of his conception and had a good head start. He too was told on a daily basis that he was made of pure love and he too received daily Reiki treatments.  His mom was given countless Reiju during her pregnancy. After his birth all the midwives at the hospital wanted to learn Reiki...

Useful techniques

Due to the fact that our kids received so much Reiki they are quite sensitive to vibrational medicine.  They react very quickly and reasonably to Reiki, homeopathy, flower remedies and other healing rays. They hardly ever received medical attention, because we can take care of what is needed ourselves. It is such a blessing to literally take your family's health into your own hands. Injuries and colds, pains and fevers often heal in a matter of minutes. Over the years I could fill a whole book with case histories. In my experience the most useful techniques in child rearing are the following:

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Treating a Bird  

Who Was Doing The Healing?

Nancy Herrick


We write about slowing down, so I decided  not to walk this morning and stayed in bed a bit longer. I made coffee and planned to hop in the shower while it was brewing so I could have breakfast while checking email, returning calls for the clinic business and scheduling practitioners as well as clients.


Yup, it was all planned.... until I noticed something small and fuzzy on the deck. Went out in my bare feet and bathrobe to find a teeny black and yellow bird shivering in the cold damp air. It's not the first bird that I have offered Reiki to.


At least once or twice a year, I find them on the ground and Reiki has restored them. Once again, I gently lifted this little fluff ball into the palm of my hand and invited it to receive the Reiki offered through me. It sat in my palm barely moving. We came into the house without the cat noticing the tiny bird. I sat. Reiki flowed.


I put shoes on and we went outside to create a safe house in a flowerpot saucer. Filled it with grass, dry leaves, not easy to find with daily rain, pine needles and little pine cones. I put a pinch of thistle seed in the lid of a water bottle and tucked it into the nest. I placed the little bird in its nest of sorts. It sat there without moving, eyes barely opening. Back into the house we came. I carefully returned the bird into the palm of my hand and cupped the another hand over it. I sat. Reiki flowed. 


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Join us August 15th 2011 for the 16th year of the
21 day Usui Virtual Retreat honoring Mikao Usui
This Retreat is not limited to one location, but takes place wherever you may be. It lasts for 21 days during which time we (mutually) intend that the highest good of all concerned will be served, and that our community experience will generate a deep, very nurturing ocean of shared Reiki.


Frank Arjava Petter will be leading the three weekly focus meditations.

For more information about the Retreat, follow these links


How did the Usui Retreat start?  



The Universe

A Message from the Universe

Laced throughout every day of your life are hidden highways of opportunity, invisible crossroads of time, and golden avenues for personal transformation that if only traveled upon, would reveal the extraordinary, the sublime, and the unexpected. 

Yet most slip by undetected until there's first a childlike wonder at the ordinary, the routine, and the expected. 

Hot diggity-dog!


Heart Food
 Heart Food-Thoughts on Children

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

--Milton Berle


When his first-born was put into his arms, 

he could see that the boy had inherited his own eyes,

 as they once were-large, brilliant and black. 

--Charlotte Bronté


    Children enjoy the present because they have neither a past nor a future.

 --Jean de La Bruyére  


    A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark

 --Chinese Proverb


Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven 

into the midst of our rough earthliness.

 --Henri Frédéric Amiel


I've learned that if you spread the peas out on your plate, it looks like you ate more.

--6-year-old's discovery


"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."
-- Carl Sandburg

 Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like 

shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."

--Phyllis Diller


"The best way to make children good is to make them happy."

--Oscar Wilde


 "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."
--Frederick Douglas


A mother's children are portraits of herself."
--Author unknown