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June 2009
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Helpful Devices Yet To Be Created

Some disabilities and obstacles to living are particular to individual circumstances. If you have a problem or you know someone who has a problem and you've tried to find a solution on the commercial market with no success, there may be a way to get a design created and built.

Tetra's services are free to the client. The only costs are materials and the incidental expenses of the volunteer.

Check out Tetra's website here.

No-Contract Cell Phone Plans

Now there are several ways to have cell phone service without long-term contracts and for low prices. Check out Jitterbug, Consumer Cellular, Tracfone and Hop-On for some options.

Mobile Peace of Mind: A New Phone Concept

Check out the ClarityLife C900 Amplified Mobile Phone that is twice as loud as an ordinary cell phone and offers large buttons for easy dialing. View the Web site here.

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According to the Alzheimer's Association in the "2009 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures" report, one in eight persons ages 65 and older has Alzheimer's disease. In the race to find new ways to stimulate the brain to fend off the effects of the disease, science has increasingly been found waltzing with the arts.
Music memory is preserved better than verbal memory, dancing massages memory function, and art stimulates the brain through positive self expression. With nearly 10 million Americans caring for someone with Alzheimer's at home, every new piece of information to help cope with the disease deserves attention.

As always, we send this newsletter in a spirit of sharing and community. We hope you will find the included news informative and beneficial.

Thank you,

Visiting Angels of Central Burlington & Mercer Counties
Music, Dance and Art: Winning the Culture War Against Alzheimer's Disease
Musical Interludes

If you can find the songs that were popular when the Alzheimer's patient was young, it is possible that music can help the patient relate to others and experience some long lost joy in life. Music seems to trigger strong feelings and cue the body to synchronize with its rhythm, according to recent articles.

The Journal of Music Therapy reports several studies that show activities like moving to music, playing rhythm instruments and singing lead to more group involvement and less wandering and disruptive behavior.

Access an abstract of one of the articles here, and read more about music therapy here.
Dance to the Music

Some studies are showing that dancing may reduce the risk of illness and even counteract the ravages of aging. In addition, dancing offers mental, physical, and social benefits. These findings were reported in a study at Queen's University in Belfast.

Ballroom dancing was also found to help prevent dementia, as reported in a study by scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Another study there found that older people who danced had better balance and gait than those who did not dance. So, dance to the music!

Read more here.
Enjoy Art, Enjoy Life

Imagine an Alzheimer's patient exposed to art in a non-threatening and open environment. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City (MoMA) has created a program for early- and moderate-stage Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. Once a month, after hours, groups of patients and caregivers are led to selected artworks for observation and discussions by trained professionals.

Brain stimulation is a known antidote to the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Now, the positive results of exposure to art prove that viewing and discussing art offers an opportunity for positive social engagement, self-expression and brain stimulation for those with Alzheimer's disease.

Because of the success of this program, the museum is offering to help other museums and professional caregivers develop their own programs for people living with dementia and Alzheimer's. The offerings include print and online training guides and nationwide workshops.

For more information, click here.

What's Happening at Visiting Angels

Golf Classic Benefiting the T.O.U.C.H. Organization from Leisuretown

We were very pleased to have participated in the 8th annual Joseph A. Hewitt Memorial Golf Classic, a charity event benefiting the T.O.U.C.H. organization from Leisuretown in Burlington County. Visiting Angels of Central Burlington and Mercer Counties was a proud sponsor of the event. There were 80 golfers participating in the day-long event held at the Ramblewood Country Club in Mt. Laurel. Our own Dave Sebra, Director of Sales and Operations, participated and even won the the "closest to the pin" contest on hole nr. 9.! The event was a success with revenues matching those of last year.

Visiting Angels of Central Burlington and Mercer Counties Helps Bring
"SPANISH OUTREACH SUNDAY" to Trenton's Hispanic Community

Nora de Cárdenas, Co-Owner and Director of Visiting Angels of Central Burlington & Mercer Counties, addressed members of the Trenton Hispanic Community at a health fair over the Memorial Day weekend. "Spanish Outreach Sunday", held at St. Mary's Cathedral in Trenton, was sponsored by Interfaith Caregivers/Trenton ("ICF"), the Mercer County Office on Aging, St. Francis Medical, the Alzheimer's Association and Visiting Angels of Central Burlington & Mercer Counties. Nora presented to the group entirely in Spanish, providing guidance on the importance of nutrient-dense food choices; fluid balance; and showed samples of nutritious foods.

"Spanish Outreach Sunday" also offered blood pressure checks; door prizes; and information in Spanish on various health-related topics including St. Francis' free health care assistance and new LIFE program. Executive Director of ICF, Mary Ann Isaacs, discussed the neighborly assistance ICF provides to seniors through its volunteers. In addition, Eileen Doremus, Executive Director of the Mercer County Office on Aging, explained that the Office has numerous programs and can provide free information to assist in caring for older adults in the community.

Samaritan Hospice Golf Tournament

On June 22, we demonstrated our support to the hospice community by participating as a sponsor in the annual Samaritan Hospice Golf Tournament. This major event, which saw more than 250 golfers participate, was held at the Little Mill Country Club in Marlton. Dave Sebra, who is seen here with Joanne Rosen, Vice President of Marketing and Development of Samaritan Hospice, said, "We were very pleased to participate in this event and support the hospice service which provides such a vital element of care to patients and their families. Our relationship with Samaritan Hospice started when two Samaritan hospice patients specifically asked us to provide them with Visiting Angels homecare as part of their overall hospice service from Samaritan. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to show the Samaritan hospice staff the extraordinarily high level of care we provide to our clients."
Visiting Angels of Central Burlington & Mercer Counties:
About Our Care

Visiting Angels of Central Burlington & Mercer Counties is a New Jersey-licensed, non-medical home care company committed to going well beyond the "industry standard" to provide an exceptional level of security, comfort and peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. Our "Angels", all certified home health professionals, are ready to provide compassionate and dependable assistance with the activities of everyday living to seniors, the disabled, those recovering from surgery and to those who are simply frail. Our services include such simple tasks as light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands and shopping to more personal tasks such as hygiene assistance, bathing, dressing and grooming.
Visiting Angels' in-home care helps make it possible for seniors and adults with special needs to continue to live at home and maintain the independence of their daily routines and familiar surroundings, for as long as they can do so safely. We truly understand how challenging and alien the entire home care selection process can be ... and we are experienced in working with families; with loved ones "resistant" to receiving care; and with third-parties payors (such as insurance companies and the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs) to help insure that the best interests of the family and their loved ones are met. Visiting Angels' services help families spend more mutually-rewarding and meaningful time with their loved ones and also helps provide comfort and peace of mind to those who face the challenge of long-distance caregiving.
For more information, please visit our website,; call us at 609-883-8188; or contact us by email at