"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans." 

                                          -James Herriot, Scottish veterinarian 


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Featured Veterinary Books

Essential Equine Nutrition
L.A. Waldron
Written for students, veterinarians, breeders, and equine professionals, this reference provides broad coverage of the main areas of equine nutrition. As it illustrates the science of equine nutrition as it currently stands, this book demonstrates how best to apply the available data to practical solutions in feeding horses.
Traditional British Poultry Breeds
Benjamin Crosby
This book is a practical guide for both novice and experienced poultry-keepers alike. It identifies the basic British poultry breeds and assesses the qualities of each, explaining their attributes to help today's hobbyist understand which breeds are most suited to their needs.
A Journey Through the Horse's Body: The Anatomy of the Horse
Dr. Christina Fritz
A fascinating journey through the horse's body from head to tail. The horse's organs, from nostrils to tail, are presented, with their structures and functions, in this book that covers the musculoskeletal system, the horse's senses, the brain and nervous system, and the digestive system.
Stress, Fear and Aggression in Dogs
Anders Hallgren
By explaining the origins of stress, and its effects on a dog's body, this book helps dog owners tackle the problem. It describes the physiology of stress and how the brain functions under stress. Using well-founded knowledge for relief and relaxation in dogs, this book describes every possible stress factor and offers practical tips for prevention and relief.


Neighs and Whispers: A Study of Contact and Communication with Horses
A simple but profound book, this is a valuable contribution to the serious study of animal behavior as it pertains to horses. Outlining some basic techniques for effective communication, it also includes personal anecdotes and stories about experiences with ill-treated horses and their rehabilitation. 
Keeping Geese: Breeds and Management
Chris Ashton
Keeping Geese is a complete guide to the domesticated goose. It shows how this intelligent bird has been absorbed into different cultures throughout history: from the taming of the Greylag and the Swan goose to the exhibition of the mighty Toulouse, the story of the goose is intimately involved in both Eastern and Western cultures.

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