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Resort, Leisure, & Sports Evangelism


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The Archives


We started this newsletter in February of this year with a monthly edition. If you have missed one of our recent newsletters, don't fret, we now have each one archived on our Evangelism webpage! 


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Six Evangelization Teams consist of program directors for Local Church, Youth, Hispanic, Resort/Leisure/Sports, and a new position started this year, Ministry Evangelism.  Each month we will spotlight one of these offices over the next months for readers to be informed about ministries around the state with which you might want to connect.  This month our spotlight is on opportunities with Resort, Leisure & Sports Ministry.  With summer travels around the state taking place during the summer months, you might find ways to connect to an outreach opportunity in your area.

Dr. Hardage and I are praying over and moving forward with consideration of candidates for the Director of Evangelism position. Thank you for your prayers for the critical and strategic  position.  

The summer youth events are filling fast.  Two of the six Super Summer Schools are full and registration has closed. We celebrate the great partnerships with and hosts of Super Summer on Texas Baptist family Universities.  Thank you DBU, HSU, ETBU, UMHB, and HPU for the hard work of each campus staff and tremendous hospitality on your campuses for Super Summer participants.   

YEC will be at a new venue this year.  We expect up to 6,000 young people and volunteers from throughout Texas and surrounding state conventions will gather on June 22-23 at the College Park Center on the UT Arlington campus this year.  We hope to see your church group there.

Let us know how we can serve you and your church.  We look forward to hearing from you


-Wayne Shuffield

Texas Port Ministry


Bob Raus, Director of Resort, Leisure, & Sports Ministry has spent many years building connections with several ministries around the state. Some of these ministries include Texas Port Ministry and the oilfield ministries that the following articles highlight.  


Written by Robyn Crosby, Truck Ministry Chaplain

When I began working with truck visitation here at Texas Port Ministry, I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I would be ministering to. I knew not to put stock in the "Smokey and the Bandit" stereotype, but I figured I would be working with drivers from all stripes of the American population as well as drivers from Mexico and Canada. So keeping a mix of English and Spanish bibles and tracts I thought we were good to go. I forgot that God does not put much stock in man's plans. Read more 


OilField Outreach


McMullen County, TX


Tilden Baptist Church and Pastor Jim Furgerson have been thrust into a booming mission field. Their small town has doubled in size due to the oil industry prompting oilfield workers to move in. One year ago Jim counted 75 permanent homes in McMullen County; today there are an additional 82 trailer homes to house the influx of oilfield workers. Tilden Baptist Church is the only Protestant church in McMullen County to serve these oil workers, making it that much more critical that they reach out to their growing community. Some Sundays they reach over 60 in attendance with an average service attendance of 55 and capacity to seat 65. 

Jim attended a BGCT Oil Field Strategy meeting recently where he learned about a Bible written to reach the oilfield workers. Jim ordered 750 Bibles from Oilfield Christian Fellowship; they were gone in four weeks. These Bibles were placed in grocery stores, bars, and the laundry mat which was among the most popular place for the wives of oilfield worker's. The managers of these businesses have been asking for more Bibles, so Jim has answered their call by ordering hundreds more. He is in the process of distributing them across McMullen County once again. As a result of this, on May 20th Tilden BC had 6 oilfield visitors in their congregation that were visiting because they picked up one of of the Oilfield Bibles. Unfortunately McMullen County and their local congregation do not have the capacity to accommodate everyone, but they continue to minister to their new neighbors. Jim says it's "not a bad problem to have!"




Faith in Action


Vernon, TX


Faith in Action remains a priority for First Baptist Vernon.  Even though the church is currently without a Pastor, the church chose to be obedient to the call of God and meet needs in the community for the 6th year.  Ironically some of the needs met involved some of their own church members.  This year's projects included: Prayer Team, Lawn Care, Construction, Meals Home Delivery, Nursing Home Ministry, Visitation, Children in the Park, Nursery, Pancake Breakfast and the Food Team.  Faith in Action 2012 began bright and early on the morning of April 28th, a Saturday with over 200 people scattered across the city to be the presence of Christ to their neighbor. Read more










Gerald Davis, Director of Ministry Evangelism and Scott Willingham, Director of Church Evangelism have been attending GPS: God's Plan for Sharing meetings in preparation for 2014: Serving and meeting the needs of the community. A How-To Guide will be published in 2013 to help the local church be a part of this 2014 movement sponsored by NAMB.



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