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November 2011
CASETA Celebrates Its First Ten Years!
Board Makes Plans to Reposition and Revitalize CASETA for Continued Leadership in the Decades Ahead


Supporters of Early Texas Art have yet another great reason to cheer! CASETA is poised to mark its first decade of service as the state's leading champion of Texas art history. This 2011-12 Program Year represents the organization's 10th year anniversary!


Growing from simple beginnings as a project of the Texas A&M Research Foundation to its present status as an independent non-profit corporation, CASETA has accomplished much over its first nine years of existence. The organization has offered a dynamic gathering point for avid collectors, scholars, museum professionals, dealers, teachers and students interested in Texas art history. CASETA's impressive array of educational symposia, along with its support of scholarship and publication in the field has helped to bring Lone Star art history to the fore and has advanced public understanding and appreciation of this aspect of the state's rich cultural legacy. CASETA remains the only state-wide organization exclusively devoted to the study and advancement of the history of the visual arts in Texas. Members and friends can be proud of the group's past contributions, and can look forward to an exciting and energetic 10th Year Anniversary.


The Board of Directors and Officers of CASETA are seizing this milestone moment as an occasion to further strengthen and revitalize the organization for even greater achievement over the next ten years. The Board has already initiated important organizational changes designed to enhance CASETA administrative operations, and will soon be mounting major new drives to grow membership and secure additional resources over the course of the year. This special newsletter will bring readers up to date on actions to date and provides a "heads-up" on exciting plans underway for the upcoming year.




At its August meeting, the CASETA Board elected new officers for the year, including an experienced slate of key leaders who will be familiar to members of the organization. Stephen Alton (Fort Worth) was re-elected as Chairman, and George Palmer (Dallas), David Spradling (Austin) and Mark Kever (McKinney) were elected as Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. In addition, Dr. Francine Carraro was appointed as an at-large member of the Executive Committee.


Stephen Alton
Stephen Alton




Chairman Alton has served on the CASETA Board since 2007, and is Associate Dean and Professor of Law at Texas Wesleyan University Law School. 





George Palmer
George Palmer




George Palmer, a founder of Texas Art Collectors Organization (TACO), is President of Hossley Lighting Associates and has been active on the CASETA Board since 2006.






Mark Kever
Mark Kever




Mark Kever, an avid collector of Texas art, joined the CASETA Board in 2009. He is Senior Vice-President for Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services. 





David Spradling
David Spradling




David Spradling is the Central Library Services Manager at the Austin Public Library and has been a member of the CASETA Board since 2009. 







Francine Carraro
Francine Carraro




Francine Carraro is currently the Director of the Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas and has been active in CASETA Board affairs since 2008.







Together, this group comprises CASETA's Board officers and constitutes the Executive Committee of the Board. All of these fine folks are devoted to the cause of Early Texas Art, and each brings a wealth of background and experience to their respective assignments on the Board. Collectively, they are leading the way in forging the ambitious agenda for organizational improvement, which members will see in CASETA's operations over the course of this year.



At its August meeting, the Board also elected to secure the services of an interim management team for the 2011-12 Program Year. The board opted to contract with an interim management team led by CASETA founder and former Board Chair, Bill Reaves. This temporary administrative team, RTB Management Group, replaces CASETA's previous contract management firm, Madeline Crouch & Company. CASETA is grateful to Crouch & Company for all that they have done for CASETA in the past year. The RTB Group assumed responsibility for managing the organization's affairs effective September 1, 2011, and has already "hit the ground running" with an aggressive work agenda.


While RTB management services are clearly envisioned as a short-term bridge for the next year only, from the vantage point of the Board, this arrangement offers significant near-term benefits to CASETA. First, the RTB services present the most cost-effective management option available, enabling the organization to conserve critical financial resources in challenging economic times. In addition, the RTB team members offer a collective mix of fine art and management expertise, which can assist the Board in its objectives of refining CASETA's administrative operations. Finally, the team brings a solid professional network and practical insights, which will help to facilitate the Board's goal of locating permanent staff and accommodations essential for long-term organizational success.  


Under the RTB arrangement, Bill Reaves will serve as Interim Executive Director of CASETA, on a pro-bono basis, for a period of one year. Reaves is an experienced educational executive, who, in addition to serving as a former Chair of the CASETA Board, has been an active member of several non-profit boards. He is currently President of William Reaves Fine Art LLC in Houston. Reaves will be assisted by Ms. Leslie Thompson, serving as Associate Executive Director, and Ms. Susan Bauch, serving as CASETA's financial administrator. Leslie Thompson is a graduate of the University of North Texas with an undergraduate degree in art history, and holds a Masters degree in art history from TCU. She currently serves as Assistant Director of William Reaves Fine Art in Houston. Susan Bauch has extensive experience as a book-keeper and financial officer for both commercial and non-profit organizations.


Under RTB, CASETA has moved corporate operations to Houston, maintaining new office, storage, mailing and phone contacts (all separate from the Reaves gallery). Members may reach the team by contacting the group below:


Bill Reaves, Interim Executive Director



Leslie Thompson, Associate Executive Director




PO Box 667487

Houston, TX 77266



Consistent with the Board's emphasis on refining and expanding CASETA's capacity to excell in its mission over the years ahead, Chairman Stephen Alton announced his intention to appoint a special member task force to examine long term program and resource needs.  The group will offer recommendations for necessary capital development to support the long-term interests of the organization.  Alton announced the appointment of Bill Cheek of Dallas, as Chair of the special task force.  Cheek, a former financial services executive, was a co-founder of CASETA and served as the first Chairman of the Board.  He is well known as one of the pioneering collectors and advocates of early Texas art, and has been a respected force in the Texas art community for years.  He will work with the Board Chair and with the rest of CASETA's Executive Committee, as well as with the Interim Executive Director, to designate CASETA members to join the Task Force.  It is anticipated that the group will complete its work and provide recommendations to the Board by March of 2012.




Watch for new and improved services from your CASETA organization. Be on the look-out for these new products: 



We're moving to a quarterly production schedule for the CASETA Newsletter. Check it out for the latest news updates from members, board and staff. Enjoy new features this year on Texas painters and sculptors of note, written by some of the foremost scholars in the state. Gain perspective from CASETA members through the "Members Speak" section, and stay abreast of the latest research resources. All this and more in this year's Newsletter series. First regular edition out later this month!



Stay up-to-date on all the Texas art events by referring regularly to the Texas Art Revue on the CASETA website. It's the best little (Early Texas) arts calendar in The Lone Star State! Look here for all the biggest events going on across the state in museums, galleries, universities, libraries and collector groups.


To post an upcoming Texas art event/exhibition, please contact Leslie Thompson at




This 10th Anniversary Program Year presents an unprecedented opportunity for friends and members of CASETA to renew and redouble their commitment to the cause of Early Texas art by renewing and extending their individual memberships in the organization, as well as bringing a friend along for the ride. Look for CASETA's upcoming membership round-up, a way of actively supporting and preserving the Texas fine art legacy. Pledge to join again with a Milestone Member Contribution, and get friends and family in the fun!



Mark your calendars NOW for the 10th CASETA Symposium to be held in downtown Fort Worth at the Texas Weslyan University Law School on April 27-29. Plan to attend this special Anniversary Celebration and what is certain to be CASETA's best conference yet. Learn from informative speakers, enjoy the fellowship and fun of like-minded Texas art aficionados and enhance your collection through acquisitions at the Texas Art Fair, featuring the most prominent dealers in the state. There's much more to come on this block-buster event SOON, but reserve your calendar NOW. You won't want to miss it!