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Issue: #2 July/2008

We hope you enjoy this edition of CASETA's E-news.  Below you will find information about our website, some early Texas art happenings around the State and a greeting from the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.   As always, your input is important to us.  Feel free to reply to this email with any comments, suggestions or questions!
Note from the Board of Directors
George Palmer pic Greetings from
George Palmer, Vice-Chair

I was asked to contribute something to the newsletter this month. My own particular interest in early Texas art (ETA) is primarily focused on discovering, collecting and then enjoying this artwork on the walls of my home. I'm probably like many of you in that while we also enjoy the history and background of these early Texas artists, we are involved with CASETA and maybe a collector's organization like TACO (Texas Art Collectors Organization) mainly because we enjoy collecting the wide variety of interesting ETA that is out there.   The good news is that as collectors the information that has become available on these early Texas artists has increased "exponentially" over the past few years. As the interest in this artwork has increased steadily over the years so have the number books, articles and most importantly, exhibitions. This has been a boon to those of us that crave getting to see as much of this artwork as we can. About a dozen years ago when TACO was first originated here in Dallas, it's primary benefit was to offer the opportunity for collectors to view as many examples of ETA as possible. We all came to realize that the saying "the more you see, the more you learn" was especially true when it came to ETA. This was mainly accomplished by the meetings that were held in each others homes where we were able to see examples of ETA that normally would not be available to be seen. This still holds true even today. So, even though the opportunities to view great examples of ETA have increased significantly over the past few years through museum exhibitions, there still is a great benefit to be had by joining one of the local collectors organizations that have formed around the state, as well as CASETA. There is also the additional benefit of the friendships you make with the people you get to meet at events like the CASETA Symposium or TACO meetings.   For those that are interested, please log on to the new MEMBERS ONLY section of our website to view my "12 Tips For Assembling A Significant Collection Of Early Texas Art" assembled from my experience in collecting ETA over the past fourteen years.


George Palmer
Vice-Chair, CASETA Board of Directors
News from CASETA
  New Members-Only Area!
CASETA members can log in to check out George Palmer's "12 Tips for Assembling a Significant Collection of Early Texas Art".  To join CASETA visit our website at caseta.org.

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Early Texas Art Across the State
  Current Lectures, Exhibits and Events
We know that our list is not complete, so please help CASETA keep its members in the loop!
If you are aware of any current or upcoming early Texas art exhibitions or events, please email information to cd26@txstate.edu.

Special Events
A Special Screening of
An Artist's Recollections: Kelly Fearing Remembers the Fort Worth Circle
Thursday, July 17
6:30 pm Meet the Videographers   7 pm Screening
Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum
Austin, Texas

Texas Art & Texas Wine
Oak Cliff Society of Fine Art's Wine and Art Fundraiser
featuring the work of Forence McClung; Special guest speakers David Dike and Bill and Tony McClung
Saturday, August 2, 2008
Turner House
Dallas, Texas

Bluebonnets and Beyond: Julian Onderdonk, American Impressionist

March 23-July 20, 2008
J. E. R. Chilton Galleries
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas, Texas

Modernist: The University of Texas Legacy
Teacher, Student, Teacher, 1938 - 1963
May 9 - August 27
Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum
Austin, Texas

Generations:  Texas Masters Robert and Julian Onderdonk
May 11 - August 31
Fielder House Museum
Arlington, Texas

New Frontiers: Texas Printmaking in the 1930s and 1940s
May 10 - October 5, 2008
Blanton Museum of Art
Austin, Texas

Texas In My Soul: A.C. Cook and the Hock Shop Collection
July 27-October 26
Tyler Museum of Art
November 20 - January 18
San Angelo Museum of Art

Save the Date!
  2009 CASETA Symposium on Early Texas Art
May 1-3, 2009
AT&T Hotel and Conference Center
Austin, Texas
  4 star hotel venue offering onsite restaurants & lounge
  Leading purveyors of Texas art featured in the "Texas Art Fair" open to the public for the first time and publicized in local and national newspapers and art publications
  Top scholars, collectors and ETA enthusiasts presenting in varied session formats, including panel, roundtable discussion and lecture with Q&A
  Exclusive opportunities to network with fellow art patrons while enjoying the Austin art scene

Check caseta.org for more information!

CASETA's E-news is sent monthly as a service to our members.  To join CASETA, visit our website at caseta.org.  Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions by email or phone.  If there is content that you would like to see in the E-news or on our website, please let us know!

Courtney DiSabato
Program Administrator